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Empathic Siren is no longer writing in the Harry Potter fandom.
But she has left her stories here for all to enjoy.

Siren's Harry/Draco Stories

Brother, Confessor, Brother, Redeemer
Harry is running from his past, but it won't leave him alone.
Can a string of anonymous confessions help him confront everything and move on?
9,800 words

Coming Home
Draco's been searching for Harry for seven years.
After finding him, he's determined to make him see reason and return to England.
However, Draco gets the surprise of his life when he finds that he's the one who changes.
15,726 words

Draco's Boy
Non-magic, AU.
Harry and Draco meet as eight-year-olds after Harry moves in next door.
Draco takes a liking to Harry and decides to make him his boy.
Follow them as they grow-up together, learn each other's deepest secrets
and, after a little bit of angst and a whole lot of UST, fall in love.
183,418 words

Eleven Canticles of Tradition
Draco wants a Muggle Christmas—Harry's Muggle Christmas.
Harry tries to fabricate one, fails miserably,
but still manages to find out what makes Christmas important to him along the way.
33,137 words

Glimpsing the Artificial Life
Post war fic.
Harry, Draco and Severus are undercover.
Harry and Draco decide to give Severus a show unaware that someone else is watching.
This is a one-shot precursor to the wonderful multi-chaptered story "The Artificial Life"
HP/DM HP/DM/SS (implied)
2,605 words

Draco's Love Fortune and the House of Chen
Over spicy Chinese, Draco realizes he's in love with Harry Potter.
He tries to find the perfect way to break the news to Harry,
but, as always, something goes wrong along the way.
Only The House of Chen and its fortune cookies can set things right.
12,164 words

Leaping Towards Tomorrow
Animagus alignment is all the rage for finding one's true love.
Why doesn't Harry want to have anything to do with it?
5,000 words

Lost and Found
A crack-tacular speculation on where Draco went at the end of Half-Blood Prince,
wherein we find Draco at a muggle bible camp for wayword boys.
Featuring a Veela coming into his own.
HP/DM pre-slash.
3,533 Words

Horace likes to watch his boys be consumed with lust.
He likes to keep them apart.
He likes to dictate their pleasure,
and it's always at his whim.
1,910 words

Sperm Cow
Draco needed an heir and he set his sights on Harry's sperm.
Harry just wanted a family. Well, and maybe Draco, too.
Toss in a few life debts, a few obscure parental rights laws,
and two clueless men who think they have it all figured out,
and you have one heck of farce.
12,000 words (approx)

Rooms of Requirement
There are some things that you can only have in your daydreams,
or your fantasies. HP/DM HP/GW
1,314 words

Take Me Away
Draco wants to take Harry on vacation.
He goes to great lengths to make it happen.
2,368 words

That Veela Thing
Written for the Secrets and Wishes Fest. Fluffy, post-war H/D – that's all – and extra points for veela!boy too!
3,591 words

Siren's Harry/Severus Stories

Artificial Life
Years after the war find Harry, Draco, and Severus
serving the Ministry as undercover agents in a covert Special Forces Unit,
where they are called to America to battle vampires,
squibs with dangerous magical artifacts, and themselves.
81,281 words

At the Heart of Things
After being forced to bond five years ago,
domestic tranquility does not reign in the Potter-Snape household.
Severus thinks he's found something better,
only to realize everything he's lost.
He decides to prove himself to Harry one day at a time
12,256 words

Harry learns to trust by learning to obey.
Severus recognizes to whom he belongs.
3,492 words

Contrary to Popular Belief
Harry agrees to play a little game with Severus
3,622 words

The Difference Between
Answer to the Two Broomsticks First Line Challenge:
"The Boy-Who-Lived is nothing but a fraud."
Who is Harry really? Does anyone know?
6,487 words

Ever Fixed Mark
Severus can't stand the thought of Harry with anyone else.
Harry wants Severus any way he can have him.
2,144 words

The war is over,
but still Severus saves Harry from falling over and over again.
Can they find common ground and fall together?
14,253 words

For the Love of a Good Woman
Love defines our choices, our lives, our everything.
How does it define Snape and Harry?
Harry finds out when he learns that Snape has unexpectedly died.
Over the course of seven days, we learn of the relationship
he and Harry had after the war, and what it meant to Harry,
what it meant to Severus.
6,000 words

For Things Not At Hand
What do you do when you fear all is lost?
When you lose hope?
3,010 words

Severus hates Christmas, but he loves Harry.
914 words

Like Father Like Mother
Harry would do anything for Severus's attention.
Be anyone.
1,279 words

Lovers Entwined
Severus wants to own Harry and he devises a clever way to make it happen.
He is unwittingly drawn into his own intrigue.
4,045 words

One Good Turn
Snape saves Harry from the Dursleys,
Harry saves Snape from Voldemort
and, by the end of it all,
they just might save each other.
This is a story about redemption, love, acceptance and strength.
It's about Harry and Snape finding their own way on their own, but never alone.
It's about each of them letting go of the past so that one can embrace a hopeful future,
even when past hurts come back to haunt them.
Mostly, it's about Harry and Snape teaching each other.
After all, one good turn does deserve another.
119,613 words

On The Other Side
Written for the Severus Snape Fuh-Q-Fest "Coming Out" challenge.
There's a door and only Harry wants to open it.
2,531 words

The Potter Curse
Severus Snape has been cursed,
causing him do the most unimaginably sordid things.
Potter's the reason for it, he's sure.
But then everything in Severus's life seems to begin and end with Potter.
21,840 words

Sacrificial Lamb
After destroying Voldemort in a truly bizarre chain of circumstances,
Harry must sort out the relationships in his life.
Along the way, he finds love with a certain surly potions master and finds a family of his own.
57,293 words

Tea With the Sorceress
Harry watches Severus play with their daughter.
Sequel to "At The Heart of Things" and "The Thief and The Sorceress"
Art courtesy of Accioslash 1,183 words

The Thief and the Sorceress
Sequel to "At the Heart of Things"
5,992 words

Well known curse breakers Severus Snape and Harry Potter find themselves at Cripplethorn Manor
for their last assignment together.
The manor house is spectacularly haunted and Harry and Severus might finally have met their match.
Is there more afoot than meets the eye? Will the house let them leave? Will they want to?

Cross-dressing, Snarry goodness.
It's the night of the annual Vamp and Vixen Ball
and all is not as it seems as Harry and Severus engage
in their own form of role-playing.

Siren's 3Some Stories

Borrowed Magic
Hard R
What is magic?
Where does it come from?
These questions plague Harry as he, Severus and Draco
work through life, magic, and love in the face of Harry's devastating illness.
Written for the 2007 Reversathon
11,239 words

Boxing Day
Severus learns an intriguing bit of information about
what Harry and Draco get up to on Boxing Day
and he wages a one-man war of seduction to secure an invitation. (HP/SS/DM)
21,900 words

Joining Of Hands
Harry has closed himself off from the world.
What will it take to bring him back?
9,041 words

Learning to Swim
Remus Lupin couldn't stop Harry Potter from going through the veil,
but fifteen years later, Harry's still needed.
Severus Snape brings Harry back, and recovers more than he ever imagined.
Written for the 2007 Reversathon
4,800 words

Saturday Night Special
Based on Diana Williams' Lacy Things series.
Remus and Severus initiate Harry into their world of dominance,
silk, and kink.
Warnings for cross-dressing and D/s HP/SS/RL
6,236 words

Siren's Other Pairings and Gen Fics

Crucio Kiss
Severus chooses a most intriguing method of interrogation to get what he wants.
SS/LM implied SS/HP
2000 (or so) words

Finer Than Spring
At seven, Severus Snape knew that happiness didn't exist for him.
At nine, he discovered his salvation.
2,100 words

All Harry wanted was a glass of warm milk.
When he catches the Weasley twins kissing in the kitchen,
he gets much more than he bargained for.
1,899 words

Into His Keeping
Harry has been bad and Remus will not allow that.
2,503 words

Harry is a little clueless as to Remus' intentions.
Remus needs a little one-on-one instruction on seduce Harry.
HP/RL HP/SS implied
742 words

Philosophy of Paper Umbrellas
Harry Potter wants Bill Weasley, but knows he can't have him.
He pines from afar, only to be forced to spend an evening with Bill as a favor to Draco Malfoy.
Over pints of Stella and discourse about paper umbrellas, the evening takes a surprising turn.

Ruby Slippers Wake
Written for Cipher's October 2005 "Red Shoes Column" challenge
Someone writes a letter for the lovelorn to the Red Shoe Column.
He believes he is in love with Harry and that Harry is in love with him.
He goes to extraordinary lengths to prove his "love" but does he succeed?
Or is Harry already in love with someone else?
2,669 words

Snape's Best Memory
Snape has a memory that he cherishes above all others.
646 words

Taming Dragons
Charlie knows a lot about taming dragons
and a certain black-haired one is giving him a lot of trouble.
3,713 words

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Collaboration of Siren and Sansa's works.

The Board Game Series
A series of stories written by Siren and Sansa set in the board game universe.

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