a/n:This is based on the wonderfully delicious universe created by Diana Williams in her "Lacy Things" series. Don't worry, I've got her permission to write this. I only hope I do her vision justice. As always, the characters aren't mine and, this time, even the story line isn't—but the wicked, wicked words are.

Saturday Night Special

For the third time in as many days Harry found his hands reaching for Severus's dresser drawer. The second drawer to be exact. He'd waited all morning for Remus and Severus to leave so that he could steal in here undetected. He didn't know why this felt so forbidden—it wasn't as if he'd never seen or touched Severus's lingerie before. However, Severus was usually wearing it at the time. And it wasn't as if he'd never worn any of it before—there was that one time in Severus's black baby-doll gown after all. But, that had been in good fun, at Severus's and Remus's urging. A one-time thing. This was altogether different. With shaky hands and his heart thudding away, he pulled the drawer open slowly and watched as a multitude of jewel-toned sins coyly revealed themselves. His breath caught in his throat as his hands ghosted over the silk and lace while remembering what had happened last Saturday night that had eventually led him here… doing this.

It had started so innocently—a typical Saturday night threesome with Remus and Severus. It began the same way it always did: Remus and Severus playing their little games—a command here, a naughty striptease there—Harry sitting in the armchair with his hands grabbing at his prick, playing the role of the ever-present voyeur beautifully. As if scripted, Remus came first, followed by Severus. Then, Harry was invited to join in. The three of them would give and receive pleasure and pain in kind followed by the obligatory mind-blowing orgasms. They were so enthusiastic in their play and love-making that, on occasion, pieces of furniture nobly gave their lives for the cause. A new element to their Saturday festivities, of course, was the little spanking Harry got from Severus before truly joining in the debauchery—his own little bit of foreplay to get him warmed-up, or at least his ass, anyway. He'd watched a "scene" between Remus and Severus some months ago and had longed to feel the sharp slaps against his skin. He'd finally gotten his wish.

On this particular evening one week ago, and after his "naughty-boy spanking," Severus fucked him from behind while Remus fucked Severus. That in and of itself wasn't unusual, but the fact that Severus continued to wear his robe the entire time was. Severus's soft silk robe lapped and licked at Harry's still-stinging, oversensitive skin as he, and by extension, Remus thrust rhythmically over and over again. Harry had been so incredibly aroused by it, by the feel of the silk slithering across his stinging skin, that within minutes he'd started caterwauling and writhing as if in heat before coming all over the couch. Without warning. Without assistance. Like a bloody fourteen year-old. He'd immediately flushed with embarrassment and scrambled away which, for technical reasons, proved to be a rather complicated endeavor. Remus and Severus, of course, had immediately comforted him, telling him everything was fine and that he was young and, therefore, had less control over his hormones or his body. As they shushed him and soothed, and told him nothing had changed, they traded knowing glances and sly smiles.

But, everything had changed. It was as if the feeling of that silk ghosting across his overheated skin had been permanently imprinted. He'd nearly passed out the next time he'd seen Severus in his corselet and silk knickers. He'd turned an astonishing shade of red when he walked in on Severus changing into his emerald green dressing gown. Because of all of that, he'd been reduced to sneaking around and covertly stalking and fondling Severus's knickers and nighties whenever he needed a quick fix to get him through the day. It was rather humiliating, really.

'What the bloody hell was going on?' he asked himself as his heart hammered while he hesitantly withdrew the first thing his hand touched. He licked his lips as his eyes feasted on the cobalt blue silk tightly fisted in his hand. With a gentle flick of his wrist, the silk unfurled revealing a short, sleek nightgown. "The little blue number," they affectionately called it. He held it out, staring at it reverently, before hesitantly rubbing it across his cheek. His eyes fluttered closed. He imagined how that gown would feel on his nipples, his stomach… his ass… as he was spanked and used by his lovers. He wondered how it would feel to be dressed in beautiful silk all of the time; wondered what it would be like to wear a nightie and stockings under his dress robes and nothing else; wondered what it would be like to make love with Severus while both of them wore silk stockings and lace and satin. He rubbed the silk more insistently as he imagined all sorts of wicked and naughty things.

Lost to his fantasies, eyes closed and breath ragged, he didn't hear Severus return to their cottage, or Severus come into the room, or sense Severus come up behind him. It wasn't until he felt Severus's warm breath teasing his ear that he realized he was no longer alone.

"If you wanted to play dress-up Potter, you only had to ask," murmured the amused Potions Master. Harry's eyes snapped open, he jumped in surprise and immediately dropped the gown.

"I—I, I'm sorry." Harry stammered, looking around wildly for a proper excuse and spying the laundry basket on the bed. "I just. I was putting away laundry, and needed—I accidentally unfolded some of your things while putting others away and was re-folding them," Harry said in a rush hoping that Severus would believe him.

Severus smirked as he stepped to the side, bent over to retrieve the gown and fixed him with a seductive stare. "Well, then you've been putting away the same basket of laundry for a week. This is the third time you've been in here 're-folding' my camisoles, knickers and robes, Potter. When have I ever given you the impression that I would fall for such a flimsy excuse?"

Harry's face flushed brilliantly. He'd been found out. His shoulders slumped. There was not point in lying further. "I'm sorry Severus, it won't happen again. I promise," Harry said in a rush as he tried to push past.

Severus grabbed him lightly and spun him around before he got very far, though. "I'm not letting you get off that easily, Potter," Severus said his voice low and husky and tinged with a hint of amusement.

Harry closed his eyes and took in a shaky breath as Severus released his shoulders and stepped in closer.

I'm not upset Harry," whispered Severus as he tugged at Harry's trousers. "I think you'd look rather fetching in that little blue number, don't you?"

Harry whimpered as he felt his belt and fly come undone and watched as his trousers and pants gracefully fell to a small pool at his feet. He obligingly stepped out of them.

"In fact, I've been looking forward to this, catching you in the act so to speak," murmured Severus as he pulled Harry's jumper over his head, leaving him gloriously naked.

"You—you knew?" Harry asked in a haze.

Severus leaned in and plucked Harry's glasses from his face and teased the silk gown across his hardened nipples. He smiled as Harry's back arched and his eyes squeezed shut in euphoria. "Yes, love, I knew. Remus knows too. We wanted you to make the first move, but we're tired of waiting. You've been such a naughty, naughty boy, too."

Harry could only moan in response as his body tried to get closer to the teasing silk.

"Here, now. Let's try this on, hmm?" whispered Severus as he raised Harry's arms and let the gown fall into place. Harry moaned again. Severus stepped behind him and wrapped his arms around his front. One hand made small circles across his stomach while the other pulled and lightly pinched one of his nipples. Harry moaned again as his head fell against Severus's shoulder.

"It's a bit big. Tell me, would you like something that's just for you? Something that fits you perfectly?" Severus said as he continued to tweak and rub with his hands.

"Yes," Harry stammered, his hands reaching up and shadowing Severus's.

Severus dropped his hands bringing Harry's with him. "Stay right here. Don't move." he commanded.

Harry bit his lip and nodded.

Severus smirked as he retreated to the closet and brought out a large white box tied with a green satin ribbon. "We've been saving this for you," he said quietly before resting the box on the bed and moving away.

Harry turned his attention to the large box. His fingers trailed across the satin ribbon. He looked to Severus for permission. Severus inclined his head slightly in assent. Harry carefully untied the ribbon and opened the box. His breath caught as he found silk knickers, stockings, camisoles and short nightgowns in white, green and black peeking from behind a white veil of tissue. There was even a pair of high-heeled slippers in the box. Harry looked back at Severus with a curious expression.

"I think it's time you were dressed properly. More than just a one-off this time. Then, maybe you'll stop rummaging through my things, hmm?"

Harry nodded dumbly, his face still flushed from arousal and embarrassment.

"You do want this to be more than a one-time night of fun, don't you?" asked Severus coyly as his hands slid up and down the planes of Harry's silk covered chest and sides.

Harry shivered and nodded, feeling incapable of speech right then. But then, he often felt that away around his lovers—at a loss for words. Aside from a few kisses and some good-natured fun with the twins, every sexual experience Harry had had to date had been with Severus and Remus. They were both intense and imaginative lovers. Between their ribald sexuality and Harry's rapidly disappearing naiveté, he constantly had to reevaluate his definition of kink, redefine his boundaries and continually update his catalogue of just what sorts of delicious things turned him on. Apparently, this women's underwear thing wasn't just a passing fancy.

Severus led Harry to his potions lab and, after removing the little blue number, positioned him on his back along a wide wooden bench. "The best thing about wearing all of that smooth silk is the feel of it on smooth, hairless skin," said Severus as he brought up one of Harry's legs at a right angle to the rest of him and began working in the hair removal potion. It was warm and felt thick like honey. As Severus worked it in with his beautiful, strong hands, Harry felt the butterflies of arousal curl and dance just below his stomach. He groaned as Severus spent quite a bit of time on his inner and back thighs but otherwise completely avoided his prick, which was stirring in interest to the goings on around it. When finished, Severus wiped everything away with a warm, wet flannel leaving only smooth, soft skin behind. Soon, Harry's other leg was just as smooth and hairless. Harry had never felt anything like it.

Severus bypassed Harry's groin and, instead, focused on his upper body and arms, which thankfully were mostly hairless already. Harry was achingly hard by the time Severus moved to the nest of dark curls swaddling his prick and balls. Severus took his time, smirking wickedly as he watched Harry writhe.

"Stop moving brat. Trust me there are places you don't want this to go."

At the sobering thought of what hair removal potion could do where it wasn't wanted, Harry winced and stilled. It was difficult, though. Severus seemed to be intentionally spending more time there than necessary—teasing all around his prick but refusing to touch it.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Harry groaned.

Severus chuckled, but didn't hasten in his task. After what felt like an eternity, Harry felt the last swipe of the warm flannel at the base of his prick. He was completely hairless everywhere that counted. His skin was flushed and almost vibrated with anticipation. He thought he would explode at any second. Harry shivered as Severus ran his hands all over him. Harry whimpered and arched as Severus gently worked in myrrh oil into his skin until he was glistening and supple. Severus left him there, panting, while he made other preparations elsewhere.

After several minutes passed, Severus returned and gently pulled Harry to him. "Let's get you dressed. How beautiful you will be. Like a beautiful work of art awaiting its grand unveiling. Would you like that?"

"Yes. Please. Anything," Harry said breathlessly.

Severus led him to the bedroom, sat him on the edge of the bed and pulled out two black stockings. Harry drew in a sharp breath as Severus took one leg and slowly began pulling the stocking up. The stocking ended at the top of Harry's thigh and his prick practically launched itself at Severus's nearby hands pleading for a caress, a squeeze. Anything. Severus ignored it and chuckled lightly at Harry's soft, unconscious mews as he turned to the task of encasing Harry's other leg in the sheer black stocking.

"Stand up," Severus ordered when finished.

Harry did so with some difficulty. Severus pulled out a pair of green silk knickers. They seemed impossibly small to Harry. Dangling from the sides were little strings with clips attached to the ends. Severus helped Harry into them, slowly and teasingly bringing them up so that they rode low on Harry's small hips. As the silk stretched across and pressed against his prick and balls, Harry cried out, almost losing his footing.

"Not yet, Potter," Severus said warningly as he attached the clips to the front and back sides of the stockings.

Next came the emerald green camisole. It fluttered across Harry's chest as it hugged his sides and stopped several inches above his knickers. The thin straps offset Harry's still coltish shoulders, making him appear a bit more feminine. At long last, Severus pulled out the slippers and helped Harry slide his feet into them. At Severus's prodding, Harry walked around the room a few times. He walked slowly and stumbled all the way, but for some reason that just made him seem all the more delectable in Severus's opinion.

When he was finished, Severus stood back to admire his work. Harry was a vision in his stockings, high-heeled slippers, emerald green camisole and tight knickers. He was made for such finery. He was lithe and small—a definite advantage. His bright eyes, unnaturally long lashes, pink lips and flushed skin completed the look. His prick was straining against the confines of his knickers, jerking involuntarily every few seconds. God, he was beautiful.

Severus moved forward and let one hand snake around Harry's waist while the other stayed between them. He nibbled on Harry's ear before saying, "I think we should take the edge off. What do you think?"

Harry, who was trembling with lust, nodded. His legs failed him when Severus gently cupped his erection and squeezed and rubbed against the tight silk. With nothing more than a few exquisitely orchestrated squeezes and rubs, Harry came hard and collapsed into Severus's arms. Severus cast a quick cleaning charm and held Harry close.

"Such an eager boy. Do you like this Harry? You are marvelous. So very beautiful. Why don't we give Remus a special little show when he comes home? Would you like that? A little change in our Saturday night routine?"

Again, Harry nodded, still unable to speak. He allowed Severus to position him on the bed and nodded at his stern instructions not to touch himself. He watched as Severus prepared and dressed himself. He moaned as Severus slipped on the blue gown Harry had been fondling before. When Severus was finished, he picked up the green ribbon from the lingerie box and motioned for Harry to sit up.

"A grand unveiling isn't very grand without a ribbon ceremony," he said as he carefully wound the green ribbon around Harry's neck and tied a pretty bow on the side. Severus went into his closet and returned with Harry's emerald green and black satin and velvet dress robes. "Nor is it a true unveiling without a dramatic revelation," he said as he pulled Harry to his feet and dressed him in his robes. Harry found the feel and weight of the robes against his silk covered skin amazing. The weighty swish, swish, swish of the bottom hem teased his ankles and calves. Severus pushed Harry back into the pillows with a sound snog, leaving Harry breathless and aroused.

"I'll come for you when it's time," Severus said as he closed the door to the bedroom with a smile.

Not fifteen minutes later, Remus returned. He was greeted with the sight of his lover sitting casually on the couch, his legs crossed, a cup of tea at his side, reading a book while dressed in sexy blue silk. The little blue number, one of his personal favorites.

"I would die a happy man if I got to come home to this every day," Remus said as he prowled closer to Severus.

"That could be accommodated," Severus said without looking up.

Remus dropped to his couch and snaked one arm around Severus's waist while the other cupped the back of his head as he leaned down into a possessive, searing kiss. "Where's Harry," he asked as he glanced around the room, still holding onto Severus.

"He's here. Laying down I believe," Severus said nonchalantly. "Shall I call him in?" Severus asked unable to keep his lips from quirking up at the corners.

Knowing that something was going on and that, more than likely, he was really, really going to enjoy it. Remus shot a feral smile Severus's way. "Certainly, Severus. Why do I get the sense that the two of you have been quite naughty while I was away?"

Severus gave Remus a benign smile as he rose and pointed to the armchair where Harry usually sat. "Let's just say we thought something a little special was in order tonight. Why don't you sit over there, love?" Severus said.

Remus changed seats as Severus went to their bedroom, anxiously awaiting whatever his two lovers had planned for him. A few moments later, he heard a strange click clack sound coming from the bedroom. It was coming closer. He looked up and saw Severus leading Harry by the elbow. Harry was wearing his dress robes, seemed an inch or two taller, was not wearing his glasses, and appeared unusually flushed. As the pair moved closer to him, Remus realized the strange click clack sound was coming from Harry's shoes, only the tips of which were peeking out from his dress robes. Remus was intrigued.

"What is all this," Remus asked, his arousal becoming quite prominent.

"An unveiling," Severus said to Remus before turning to Harry, "Isn't that right, Harry?"

Harry nodded, his skin more flushed than before.

"Would you like to do the honors?" Severus asked Remus, his brow arched suggestively.

Remus smiled. "What exactly am I unveiling Severus?"

"Why Harry of course. He has a little surprise for you."

Remus noticed Harry had remained silent during this exchange. He rose and pulled Harry to him. He kissed him deeply, enjoying Harry's mews and moans; enjoying the roll of Harry's hips across him. He pushed away gently, reveling in Harry's glazed expression and parted, bee-stung lips. "Do you have a surprise for me Harry?"

Harry looked up, his eyes greener than Remus had ever seen. "Yes," he said, his voice thick and husky.

"Shall I take off your robes, Harry? Are they hiding my surprise?"

"Let's find out," Harry said lightly, emboldened by his arousal and the way Remus was staring at him… hungrily.

Harry's penetrating gaze caught Remus by surprise. What stood before him was an incredibly aroused young man who hadn't a clue how seductive he was. Remus reached up and began loosing the buttons and clasps of Harry's robe. When the last was undone, Remus pushed the robe from Harry's shoulders and watched as it fell down his back, revealing Harry's silk clad form. Severus stepped closer and finished removing Harry's robe as Remus's gaze raked over Harry. Harry stared straight at him.

"Come here Harry. Let me get a good look at you," whispered Remus, entranced by the emerald green silk and Harry's high-heeled slippered feet.

Harry hesitated only a second before slowly stepping towards Remus the click clack of his slippers reverberating against the cottage's stone floors. When Harry stopped, Remus closed the distance between them. He ran his hands everywhere as he circled Harry slowly.

"You are beautiful. This is quite an unveiling and what a wonderful surprise. I like it very much. Do you like it Harry?"

"I, I do," Harry said, not sounding unsure of himself, but, perhaps, feeling a bit out of depth.

Remus's hands stopped their roaming and rested on the green ribbon tied around his neck. What's this then?" he asked softly.

Severus interjected as he slipped in behind Harry and threaded his hands around him and began tweaking his nipples. "What's a grand unveiling without a ribbon ceremony?"

"Yes of course, I see now," said Remus as he tugged gently at the bow at Harry's throat. "I suppose I should do the honors," he murmured as he leaned in close and pulled the bow loose, letting the satin ribbon unravel. He slowly pulled it as it unwound from Harry's neck in one long, slow pull. Harry hissed as the cool satin glided against his skin. Remus moved close and let his hands fall to Harry's ass. He began stroking his cheeks with his thumbs as he whispered in his ear "What are you going to do now that you been unveiled? Hmm?"

Harry arched his back, but otherwise didn't respond. Remus found Harry's inability to remain steady on his feet quite amusing as his senses were assaulted from behind and the front.

Severus dropped his hands and stilled Remus's hands, which were now alternatively kneading and lightly slapping Harry's ass. "We are going to give you a little show, Remus. Have a seat," said Severus gesturing towards the armchair as he turned Harry around and brushed his thumb across Harry's cheek and lips. Remus sat down with a growl, his legs splayed and his hand gently rubbing across the front of his trousers.

Severus took Harry's face in both hands. "You are so very, very beautiful," he said before leaning in for a possessive kiss. Harry moaned and kissed back fiercely. It was the most erotic thing Remus had ever witnessed. Harry and Severus continued to kiss and nip as blue and green silk merged and black stocking clad legs and creamy bare arms slowly twined. Their hips rolled and jutted, both seeking release that was yet to come. The rhythm of their dance was punctuated with the click clack staccato of Harry's enchanting slippers as he shuffled his feet in an attempt to get closer to Severus.

"Harry," Remus said in a low gruff voice as he unbuttoned his shirt, "undress Severus."

Not stopping the kiss, Harry's deft fingers tugged at the hem of Severus's gown and pulled it up to his torso waiting for Severus to raise his arms. Remus watched as the silk sailed across the room after leaving Harry's fingertips. Harry began tugging at Severus's knickers at the same time Severus's hands lifted the hem of Harry's camisole.

"Stop that Severus," Remus warned as he shrugged of his shoes, "I want Harry dressed the whole time tonight."

Severus complied and, instead helped Harry in his tasks. After removing Severus’s knickers, Harry broke the kiss as he and Severus’s stockings slithered to the floor, leaving the Potions Master naked and Harry fully clothed, on his knees, looking up at Severus.

Severus swallowed and Remus moaned.

"On your knees," Remus commanded, his voice raspy with desire.

Severus fell to his knees, grabbed the sides of Harry's head and began kissing him again. They were sloppy and insistent in their kissing, their bodies bending and flexing to meet the other. Severus broke away admiring for a moment Harry's red swollen lips before he began trailing kisses down Harry's jaw. He kissed and bit the side of Harry's neck roughly, while Harry focused on Severus's nipples and unconsciously rutted against his thigh. The feel of Harry's silk covered prick against his thigh was exquisite.

Remus, meanwhile, had removed his trousers and pants and had begun stroking himself in earnest. The onslaught of sight and sound was almost overwhelming. With one more growl, Remus sprung from his seat and moved behind Harry who was now straddling Severus and rolling his hips and thrusting for all he was worth. Remus grabbed Harry's hips and pulled back. Harry and Severus both whimpered at the loss of contact. Remus kept pulling so that Harry was sprawled tight against him in a slightly reclined sitting position, his legs akimbo. Remus moved his arms so that they were wrapped tightly around Harry. "I hear you have been a naughty, naughty boy," Remus growled. Harry nodded as he wiggled his backside against Remus's very, very hard cock. Remus's eyes rolled back as an "Ahhh" escaped his mouth. "Correction. You are a naughty, naughty boy. Do you need to be punished Harry? Do you want me to spank your silk covered ass? Is that what you want? Is that what you need?" Harry responded with several sharp intakes of breath and a lot more wiggling. Remus moaned. "Your wish is my command, he said as he began to move away at the same time Harry began to scoot forward. Severus stopped them both.

"Remus, you know he has no control. I think we need to keep things from ending too quickly, don't you agree?"

Remus nodded as Harry looked bewilderingly between the two men. Severus twisted around and pulled something from underneath several pillows stacked on the floor. As he turned back, Harry saw that it was a cock ring and Severus's wand. Harry's breath sped up and he tensed, trying to turn away.

"Not so fast, Harry. You want this to last don't you?" murmured Severus as he pulled Harry's knickers down so that they rested under his balls and slipped the ring in place. With a quick wave of his wand, he tightened the ring making Harry cry out. He pulled the knickers back into place and gave Harry an appreciative squeeze before helping him stand.

Remus moved back to the armchair and sat slightly forward. He pointed to his lap. "Come here," he said to Harry.

Harry moved forward and laid himself across Remus's lap. He felt vulnerable and exposed with his legs dangling slightly and his fingertips resting against the cold floor. He was almost beside himself with lust as he waited for Remus to start. He had dreamed of this for so long and now, here he was, dressed like an emerald green tart, splayed across Remus's lap ready for a spanking and what would likely be a fantastic fuck thereafter. Talk about a break in their normal routine. But for that sodding ring separating his balls and choking his prick, Harry was sure he could have come just from thinking about what was about to happen.

Remus began stroking his ass cheeks gently and then more insistently. Rubbing, kneading, pulling them apart, his touch became rough and needy. Harry moaned and wriggled waiting for what would follow. All too soon, Remus let his hand fall heavily against Harry's ass. Harry sucked in a breath at the welcomed sting and blossoming warmth. He moaned. The next blow came more quickly, more forcefully. And then another. And another. And, more after that. The pain was white-hot but not unbearable. Just on the other side was burgeoning pleasure. Harry could feel Remus's hand slide across the silk in between blows and that made him wriggle and writhe even more. Abruptly, Remus pulled his knickers out of the way and began spanking his naked flesh in earnest. Harry cried out and arched his back, desperate for release. Desperate for anything.

"Keep him busy, Severus," Harry heard Remus say. Before he knew it, a chair was in front of him and Severus's prick was shoving its way into his mouth as Remus alternatively kneaded his cheeks and spanked them. Harry moaned as Severus pushed in further and took Harry's head in his hands to keep it in place. As Severus fucked his mouth and Remus spanked him, both told him what a good little slut he was, and how beautiful his ass was all rosy like that. Harry moaned, wriggled and writhed thinking he would pass out at any moment. Just when Harry thought he could take no more, Remus stopped and Severus pulled out, leaving Harry's mouth glistening and his lips swollen.

"Fuck him," Remus growled.

Harry was pulled from Remus's lap and laid on his stomach on the pillows on the floor. His bottom stung. The cool air battled with the heat radiating from his upturned bottom. Harry felt cool, long-fingered hands gently brush across his bottom—the contrast was striking. His knickers were pulled to the side as one of the long fingers, slick with oil, breeched him in preparation. After three fingers had been added and Harry was babbling nonsense and pushing back against the fingers like the wanton slut Severus and Remus called him, Severus removed his fingers and pushed his way in.

As Severus thrust and thrust Harry begged for release. But it wasn't until Severus leaned over and took the discarded silk gown Remus handed him and began lightly brushing it across Harry's red stinging skin that Harry truly knew the meaning of desire, of want. Of need. He was screaming, crying, begging, but Severus refused to speed up and the silk methodically ghosted across his hot, stinging skin. Harry leaned his head against the stone floor and began rubbing his hands almost violently against his silk covered prick in desperate hope of bringing himself off. Remus dropped in front of Harry, moved his hands and brought his face to his own painfully aroused cock. Harry opened him mouth to beg but took him in instead. Harry moaned and scrabbled but to no avail, he was caught between his lovers and thought for sure he would die at any moment.

Finally, neither Severus nor Remus could not keep the steady, methodical pace any longer. Their desire overtook them. As Severus lost control and began slamming into Harry and practically whipping him with the little blue number, Remus grasped the back of Harry's head and started truly fucking his mouth. All to soon, Severus exploded in Harry with Remus following not long after. Severus pitched forward landing gracelessly across Harry's back, as Harry struggled to stay on his hands and knees suckling the last of Remus. Remus and Severus pulled out at the same time and laid Harry on his back who, was so beside himself with lust and need he just said over and over, "please, please, please."

Remus and Severus exchanged smiles. Their plan had worked perfectly. Only Severus had known the "when," but Remus had been in on the "how" since they noticed Harry's affinity for silk, satin and lace and had hatched this little surprise for their lover. Harry was so often the voyeur in their games, they decided it was time for him to be the main attraction, or at least an equal one.

"Harry, do you like this? Do you like the little surprise we planned for you too? Would you wear this every day? You are so fucking hot like this. Would you do that?"

Harry bit his lip and nodded his head violently. The truth was he loved the way this felt and wanted to dress like this all of the time, but right now, he needed release. He would die without it, he was sure.

Remus leaned down and pulled Harry's knickers down so that they cupped his balls. Harry's prick jumped at the attention, weeping as it did so. Remus smiled and took Harry in his mouth in one go. Harry howled, his legs flying up and back down with a click-clack stomp. He was screaming now, "please, please!" as Remus moved up and down at a punishing pace. Harry's hips rose up and down to meet him, slamming into Remus's mouth and slapping down against the stone floor. Severus, who was waiting for the right moment, raised his wand and vanished the cock ring just as Remus swallowed Harry all the way to the root and sucked hard. Harry screamed as his orgasm hit, spurted and spun. Harry continued to ride the wave that felt like it would never end until finally he passed out, white mist swirling around him as electric pins of light prickled across his skin.

When Harry woke, he was laying on the bed, wearing a short white silk gown and nothing else. Remus and Severus were on either side of him lightly brushing their fingers across his soft, creamy skin murmuring to him. Harry sighed contentedly, his mind still blissfully hazy.

"Welcome back Harry. You were brilliant," whispered Remus before he leaned down and gave Harry a soft kiss.

"What a spectacular unveiling, love," said Severus as his fingers trailed up and down Harry's torso.

Harry "hmmmed," as he stretched and let his eyes close as his lovers continued their soft, gentle caresses.

"Any regrets?" asked Remus.

"None. I loved it, I really did," Harry replied sleepily as he snuggled further into Remus's and Severus's embrace.

"We thought you were ready for your own scene, having watched enough of ours. We hope you liked it. We were serious when we asked if you might like to dress like this all of the time," said Severus.

Harry opened his eyes and grinned. "I think I could definitely get used to it," he said before closing his eyes and falling into a blissful sleep feeling incredibly happy at the lengths his lovers had gone to embrace him and make him a part of their naughty, naughty games.

Once again, Harry had been saddled with laundry duty. He frowned as he hunted through the bedroom for errant socks and undershirts. While rooting around, he spied an electric blue something peeking out from behind a curtain. Sighing, he bent down and snatched the little pair of knickers from their hiding place. 'Seems like someone was a bit over enthusiastic last night,' he thought to himself as he glanced at Severus's dresser.

He tossed the knickers in the hamper and hesitated, turning towards the dresser with more purpose. With a smirk worthy of Salazar Slytherin himself, Harry's hands reached out and pulled one of the drawers open. The third drawer this time. He smiled as his own multitude of Slytherin colored sins winked back at him as the drawer glided open. Remembering the Saturday night before, and the one before that and the one before that, Harry was quite pleased with his decision. Standing there, tracing his fingers over the delicate lines of a new nightie from Remus and Severus and imagining all sorts of naughty, naughty things, Harry didn't hear Severus come into the room. It wasn't until he felt Severus's arms wrap around him securely that he realized he wasn't alone.

Harry twisted languorously and placed a soft kiss on Severus's jaw. "Hello," he said brightly, his fingers still tracing his newest acquisition.

"Still stealing in here like a thief? Well, at least you're fondling the things in your own drawer now," said Severus as he nibbled at Harry's ear.

"I think your things miss me, though. Shall I fondle that little blue number with you here? For old time's sake?" Harry asked impishly as he wiggled his backside against Severus.

Severus's eyes rolled back as his hips thrust forward gently. "You have become quite saucy, Mr. Potter. It must be all the lace. It's gone to your head."

Harry grinned, now rotating his hips in little circles and grinding further into Severus. "Which head?" he asked, effecting the "sauciest" air he could muster.

"Oh you," Severus began while he withdrew one of his arms and playfully slapped the side of Harry's hip. "The little blue number, hmm? Fondle away, Mr. Potter, but only if you are trying to be deliberately naughty," he said huskily as he rubbed insistently at Harry's hip, continued to thrust gently against him and delighted in Harry's hitching breath and sighs.

Remembering the feeling of his silk covered bottom being spanked over and over; the feeling of this particular garment teasing his stinging skin and then whipping him further; the feeling that he would well and truly die from sexual frustration only to pass out from the most incredible orgasm of his life; the feeling of his lovers giving him his first "scene," Harry flushed and grinned cheekily. "Sometimes it's quite fun to be naughty—especially when the two of you are doling out the punishment," he said as his hands confidently opened the second drawer and drew out the little blue number with a flourish and a wicked, wicked gleam in his eye.



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