Contrary to Popular Belief

Contrary to Popular Belief, Harry Potter is Not Afraid of a Little Thing Like Death

"Would you like to play a game?"

The whispered words in Harry's ear nearly sent him tumbling to the floor, startled as he was. While he was able to keep his seat, the heavy tome that had, just moments before, been residing in his lap, fell to the floor with a solid thump.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Harry asked with a squeak. The last time he'd agreed to play a game with Severus, he'd wound up with permanently denuded balls and Severus alternatively fucking and spanking him while Harry called him Daddy. Needless to say, Harry was now leery of playing games with the good professor.

Severus chuckled and leaned down further, his hot breath tickling Harry's ear. "I said would you like to play a game?"

Harry twisted his head around to get a good look at his would-be wooer with a narrowed and skeptical gaze. "What kind of game?" he asked slowly.

"The usual kind."

Harry was about to protest that he had no intention of permanently losing more of what little body hair he had, but Severus interrupted. "I promise, no hair potions."

Harry thought about that. But, as he knew from his involvement with Severus for the last five odd years, hair potions hardly covered the gamut of "games" he liked to play.

"I'm not calling you Daddy, again."

Severus shuddered. "Agreed. Actually, I believe that was rather ill-conceived on my part. Well, the Daddy part anyway." Severus pulled the side of Harry's head closer so that his lips barely grazed Harry's ear. "Though, you always need a good spanking, don't you Harry?"

Harry shivered. For many reasons. All of them prurient and obscene. "So, no spanking, then?"

Severus smiled. "No. Not this time."

Harry thought about it further. He really should ask a few questions. Too often he'd simply agreed to Severus's games, never knowing precisely what he was getting himself into.

"Tell me the rules of this little game first," Harry said, feeling infinitely pleased with himself and with his restraint.

Severus stood gracefully and returned with a small wooden box. He gave it to Harry to open. Harry was immediately on guard. Nothing good ever came in small packages. At least where their games were concerned, that was. He shuddered at the thought of the last little box he'd opened. Contrary to popular belief, nipple torture was not at the top of Harry's list of favorite kinks. Thank god he'd finally found a way to banish those awful little things.

Harry took a deep breath and cautiously opened the box. Inside was a normal looking flesh colored butt plug. Harry blinked. He looked up at Severus. He looked back down at the butt plug and quietly closed the box and carefully placed it on the table. With incredible self-control he asked, "What does it do?" truly terrified of the answer.

Severus chuckled. "Why Harry. After all this time, I thought you'd know a simple butt plug when you saw one."

Harry gritted his teeth. "I know that, you … I know what it is. What else does it do, is my question!"

Severus blinked impassively in response. "Well you see, Harry, you have an arse hole–"

"Damn it, Severus, you know what I mean!" Harry interrupted, seething with anger, while muttering under his breath about Severus and arse holes in general.

"No, I don't think I do," Severus responded calmly.

Harry wanted to tear his hair out. Perhaps that was the game, then? Drive Harry crazy rather than simply fuck him stupid. Harry took a deep, cleansing breath. He counted back from ten. He closed his eyes and imagined happy little trees, and decided to start over.

"Does it expand once inserted?" he asked calmly.


"Does it vibrate at will?"


"Does it wiggle, twist or otherwise move of its own or your volition?"


Harry sighed. He was running out of things to ask about this seemingly innocent butt plug. "Does it change temperature, or do anything else strange and/or bizarre and/or to the left of mainstream kink?"

Severus laughed. "No, it does not. Really, Harry, it's just a simple butt plug. Go on. Take a look. Fondle it if you like."

Harry looked dubiously at the little box currently mocking him with its apparent innocence. Cautiously, he opened it again and reached out to touch the plug nestled inside. It felt normal enough. He lifted it. It didn't feel strange at all. He rolled it around in his hands. In fact, it seemed like a perfectly normal butt plug. What then, was the game? What was the catch? He looked up suddenly and nearly dropped it to the floor.

"You're not going to stick it in dry, are you?" Harry asked with true horror dancing across his face.

"Good Merlin, no! Whatever would give you that idea?" Severus asked.

Harry almost responded with the retelling of a game they'd played last year that had left nearly permanent welts on his back. Contrary to popular belief, Harry didn't find swimming in a vat of sea suckers particularly kinky either. Well, at least not kinky in a good way. Instead, Harry just shook his head. "Severus, I'm simply trying to ascertain what it is you intend to do with this," Harry said as he waved the flesh colored sex toy in Severus's face.

A predatory smile traversed Severus's face. "I am going to expertly prepare you before slipping that into you. Then you are going to wear it all day."

Harry blinked, looked at the butt plug grasped firmly in his fingers, and returned his gaze to Severus. "That's it?"

"That's it. Well, mostly it."

Harry slammed the dildo on the table in triumph, caring little that it bounced around before tumbling to the floor and landing on his Defense tome with a soft thump. "I knew it!" he crowed. "I knew there was more to this!" Harry eyed Severus carefully, trying to puzzle out what nasty surprise he had in store for him. "Japanese rope bondage," he spit out in accusation.


"Blood play."


"Water sports."

"That would be a bit difficult, don't you think?"

Harry was undaunted. "Weighted nipple clamps. With bells or something."


"Latex catsuit."

"No." Severus paused. "A good idea for next time, though."

Harry refused to be ruffled. "Women's underwear, and/or a corset and/or silk stockings and/or high heeled shoes."


"You aren't going to tie me to a tree and throw lemon créme pies at my naked body, are you?" he asked suspiciously.


Harry scowled. Perhaps it was to be a combination of things, then? "A combination of any of the aforementioned kinks."


Harry sighed. This was going to be a bit more complicated that he thought. "Aphrodisiac potion, followed by a vicious spanking and/or caning and/or whipping."


"Aphrodisiac potion by itself, then."


Harry racked his brain trying to come up with the answer. A thought came to him. "Oh, Merlin," he said, his eyes as round as saucers, "you're not going to make me drink some sort of foul potion that will make me have to go all day and then force me to grovel at your feet and rim you in order to get you to remove the plug so I can use the lav, are you?"

"NO!" Severus roared with a murderous expression on his face. "Of course not. What has gotten into you?"

Harry sniffed. "Your previous games have made me a little suspicious, Severus. I simply want to know what it is you intend for me."

Severus smiled warmly, which in and of itself was disconcerting. He tugged Harry from the chair so that he was sitting in the circle of Severus's legs. Severus pulled him close and nuzzled his nose in Harry's hair. "Little death," he whispered.

"What?" Harry asked, trying to twist around.

"Little death, La petit mort, that's what I intend for you."

"You want to kill me?" Harry screeched incredulously as he tried to scramble away.

"No, stop—calm down you little idiot—no, I do not wish to kill you. At least I didn't when this whole thing started," Severus muttered.

Harry calmed down, interested in how Severus would get himself out of this one.

"Little death is a euphemism for a man's orgasm. It's like dying and being reborn all at one time."

"Oh," Harry said, both his ears and his cock liking the sound of where this was going.

"You've been so busy the last few months, all we've had time for is a quick shag here and there. Release, nothing more. I want to give you La petit mort."

Harry relaxed into the body holding him. That sounded … nice, actually. "No crazy schemes?"


"No costumes or strange rules or role playing or anything of the sort?"


Harry mulled it over. "Okay," he finally said, wondering if he would regret this game.

Severus squeezed him tight. "Good boy," he whispered huskily in Harry's ear, making Harry shiver and have hot flashes at the same time. "Up and naked, please," Severus said with a soft slap to the side of Harry's bottom.

Harry scampered to his feet and began hastily removing his clothing. He was already half hard. After removing his last sock, he looked up into Severus's hungry eyes. He gulped. Oh, fuck, he wanted Severus right now. "Screw the little death thing. Let's shag right now," Harry said breathlessly as he flung himself toward Severus.

Severus held him back. "No, no, Mr. Potter. You have agreed to the game. Now it's time to play."

Harry nodded mutely and slipped to his hands and knees, ready for Severus to prepare him.

"Good boy," Severus said again.

Harry was about to comment that he was, in fact, not a dog and that, contrary to popular belief, bestiality and/or doggie time role-play was not anything in which he ever wished to partake. However, his rebuke was halted mid breath when a delightfully long and slick finger slipped inside of him and began slowly circling around. What started out as invective transformed into, "Ooooh," "Oh, fuck," and "Yes, right there."

"Like that, do you," Severus whispered.

Harry moaned while nodding vehemently. It had been so long since they'd done it this way. Lately, they'd just used spells and charms, because they were faster. But, in retrospect, the two preparation methods weren't even comparable.

A second finger joined the first and Harry was absolutely panting. He started pushing back against those talented fingers, which, thus far, had completely avoided his prostate. Harry mewed his displeasure at that gaping oversight.

Severus chuckled. "Soon enough, Harry. Can't get you too excited just yet."

Harry nodded, though he wasn't really sure what he was agreeing to or with. It didn't matter, though, as a third finger entered the picture, or, more to the point, him. How could he have forgotten how fucking amazing this felt? He was ready to die right now! He looked down at his very hard cock with a wry grin. His cock was ready for a little death itself, it seemed.

Harry was jarred from his thoughts at the feel of something much larger than three fingers slowly pushing into him. The long, slow slide of the butt plug was incredible. Harry was hissing and arching and desperate for it to go on forever or stop. Or both.

Finally, it was in. Severus gave it a little tap and lightly slapped Harry's bottom. "It's in. Let me help you up."

Harry was grateful for the assistance. At the moment, he wasn't sure he knew what his name was, much less how to get from horizontal to vertical in five steps or less. He continued to stand there, feeling the blissful haze of arousal swirl through him as Severus set about redressing him. It was only when his last shoe had been tied that Harry realized he was dressed, plugged, and that Severus had conveniently forgotten to tell him the rest of this little game.

"What else?" Harry croaked.

Severus smiled and gently pushed Harry down into the chair. Harry winced, in a good way mind you, as his plug filled bottom met the hard wooded chair in a, "How do you do? So nice to meet you," sort of way.

Severus knelt in between Harry's legs and cupped the side of his face. "You wear the plug all day, you don't pleasure yourself, and, every time you feel the plug move inside, you imagine that it's me moving in and out of you. In and out, Harry, in and out. Can you do that?" he murmured while caressing the side of Harry's face.

Harry licked his suddenly very dry lips. He nodded. "Yeah, yes. I can do that. I think."

Severus watched as Harry's hands fisted at his sides and made small, abortive moves towards his lap. "Would you like a spell to prevent you from pleasuring yourself?" Severus asked.

Harry wiggled, felt the plug move with him, and was immediately assaulted with images of Severus making love to him that time in the Forbidden Forest with the Centaurs looking on. Well, he hadn't seen them looking on, actually, but Harry knew they were there. Voyeuristic buggers, the lot of them. In the few seconds his mind had sifted through that particular memory, Harry had gone red, and hot, and very close to sticky. "Uh, yeah. Might be a good idea," he said breathlessly.

Harry growled deep in his throat, having decided that this game was a very, very bad idea. A colossally bad idea. La petit mort, his arse! He was going to give Severus Le grand mort the minute he laid eyes on him. Thank Merlin he'd not had to deal with people today. He would either have hexed them all into oblivion from sexual frustration or scared them away with his erratic and abrupt grabbing at the front of his robes in futile search for relief. He was frantic, breathless, and so incredibly aroused that he was sure one word from that no-good, velvet-tongued snake currently residing in his cottage would cause him to spontaneously combust. And if that goddamned butt plug didn't stop moving around every time he took a step, or wiggled in his chair, or fucking BREATHED, he was going to start hexing puffskiens just for the satisfaction of watching something swell up and burst into a poof of fluffy fur.

He'd gotten nothing accomplished all day. Nothing, except relive every glorious moment of every time Severus had fucked him through the mattress, against a wall in the shower, across the Headmaster's desk—of course that memory was accompanied by the sound of those little lemon candies scattering all over creation, the ones that weren't already sticking to his sweaty skin anyway—behind those bushes near Hagrid's hut—in short, every time Severus had made love to him. Because even if it was fast and hard (or public and scary), when Severus fucked him it was always, always out of love. "Fuck!" Harry bellowed at the little stones surrounding him on the ground as the butt plug shifted yet again when he bent over to clear away hinkypuck remains.

Harry was panting harshly by the time he made it back to the little cottage that night. He staggered in and spied Severus in the kitchen, stirring something that smelled remarkably like food. Harry kicked the door closed and stumbled over to Severus, knocking things about on his way. Severus turned and started to say something, but Harry leapt at him and pulled his face down to his.

"Take it out now," he rasped. "Now!" he said again while shaking Severus's head for good measure.

Severus gracefully slipped his hands over Harry's and gently tugged them from his face.

Harry was very nearly crying. "Please," he begged as Severus pulled him close and nipped affectionately at his ear. "Please," he cried again as he felt himself go limp from the strain of the day.

Severus picked Harry up and carried him to the bedroom, gently settling him on his back, which, of course, caused the plug to shift yet again. "Please," he moaned, as his legs flopped open akimbo.

Severus nodded and sweetly shushed Harry as he quickly stripped his and Harry's clothing. Slowly, he climbed on top and rubbed and kissed every part of Harry's body as Harry writhed and promised he'd chop Severus's shrivel figs for the rest of his life if only he'd take out that goddamn plug and fuck him proper.

"This won't be fast, Harry. I'm going to take you very, very slowly."

"Oh, god, no," Harry cried out, his eyes screwed shut as he undulated and canted his hips in desperation.

"Trust me, Harry. Trust me," he murmured as he slowly removed the plug while circling Harry's bellybutton with the point of his tongue. "I'm going to remove the spell now, but you won't be able to come right away."

Harry nodded as if he understood, but then screamed "Oh, PLEASE," as the plug made its way out and was swiftly replaced with the real thing.

Severus grasped Harry's hands in his and pushed against him and began in earnest. "Open your eyes, Harry," Severus said as he gently pushed in and out of the beautiful body beneath him. His breath caught in his throat when Harry's eyes opened to narrow, heavy lidded slits. Harry was hard, sweaty, flushed and completely debauched. It was like taking him for the first time. Great Merlin, how Severus had missed this. Just this. They'd played all sorts of fancy and complicated games, but nothing would ever compare to this. They kissed, and moaned and cried out for each other. They murmured "I love yous" and panted and nipped and fucked, and fucked, and fucked for what felt like hours. At some point, both had lost the ability to speak in sentences or form words, even. Both were sweat slicked and reduced to feral grunts, wanton moans and guttural cries.

Harry keened as tears of frustration and bliss slipped from his eyes. He knew Severus was close to coming. His movements were becoming frantic, less controlled, more elliptical. He could feel the pressure in himself, as well, building, building, building. It was like watching a storm come ashore. He could see, feel, taste, the line of his orgasm creeping towards him. He'd never, ever felt anything remotely like this. When it was so close, when he simply lost the capacity to breathe, his eyes shot open, he looked at Severus and made a choking sound. Severus seemed to understand, because his large, skillful hand was suddenly curled around Harry's cock. He pumped once, twice, three times and Harry arched off the bed, screaming, screaming, screaming, screaming and coming like he'd never come before. The ecstasy was so incredible, so unwavering, so unforgiving, that he wanted to die to make it stop. He was vaguely aware of Severus screaming, of something hot and sticky spraying across his stomach, but it didn't matter. All that mattered were the waves upon waves of pleasure that crashed against him—killing him just a little each time. When he finally could stand it no longer, when he finally died his little death, the soft, white haze of unconsciousness entered swiftly and carried him away.

"Like that, did you?"

Harry thought surely he must be dead. That was the only thing that could explain his inexplicable inability to move and the fact that he didn't care one whit that he couldn't move. Contrary to popular belief, Harry was not usually so disinterested in his ability to ambulate freely, or in having at least a vague notion of where he was and whom he was with. Right now, though, he didn't care. He was wrapped up in something soft and warm. Something was carding through his hair. It felt nice. The low rumble of a soothing voice was saying something, but he couldn't quite make it out.

"Like that, did you?" the voice said. Harry thought he might have heard that before. He couldn't be sure. And then, it all came back to him in a rush. Severus, that damn plug, the incredible love-making, the little death. "Yessss," he hissed sibilantly in response as he arched and stretched and wiggled like a little snake.

Severus chuckled. "I told you that you would. Aren't you glad you trusted me?" he murmured.

Harry closed his eyes and snuggled closer to Severus. "Hmm," he said while nodding his head. "Sleep," he said while burying his nose in Severus's chest. He felt a gentle kiss at the top of his head.

"Sleep sounds bloody wonderful," Severus whispered as he pulled Harry closer still. "I think we should do this again. Soon."

Harry cocked one eye open and looked up at Severus. "Yes. So long as you have that instrument of torture shoved up your arse next time. See how you like it. Waddling around all day, grabbing at yourself and moaning like a mad poofer—it's amazing I wasn't arrested for public indecency or hauled away to one of the little white rooms at St. Mungo's."

Severus chuckled, kissed Harry again, and settled in. A few moments later he sat up, pulling Harry up in the process.

"What now?" Harry asked grumpily and not just a little wary of the wicked gleam in Severus's eyes.

Severus chuckled that familiar mad chuckle that always spelled disaster and admittedly fantastic sex for the both of them. "Have you ever played doctor, Harry?"



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