He stood there, naked and gleaming. A fine layer of perspiration covering his lithe body, he was adorned only by the thick leather bands tightly wrapped around his wrists and ankles. Their weight was heavy and foreign and as much comforting as disconcerting. His breath came in short pants. His hands were slightly tremulous. His eyes were bright and glassy, conveying equal parts fear and anticipation.

The other joined him, sweeping through the room in billowing black robes. With a mercurial gleam in his eye, the other stood in front of him, loomed over him. Grasped firmly in the other's hands was a black leather collar decorated with an intricate scrollwork of twisting silver serpents. Fingering the edge of the collar, the other stared into his eyes, stared into his soul. He broke his gaze away from the other, his eyes falling to the collar. Falling to the last mark of his enslavement. His breath became ragged, the perennial flush on his naked flesh became darker and more pronounced, as the other pressed the collar into his tremulous hands.

"You must present this to me if you intend to give yourself to me. You must give yourself willingly. I will not give you the satisfaction of taking you against your will. You will bear the shame and humiliation of giving yourself to me freely and you will be grateful for it. You have five minutes to make your decision. If you choose to give yourself to me, then when I return, you will be on your knees, your hands outstretched in offering, with the collar resting in your palms. You will look me in the eye. However, if you cannot do this, if you are too weak, then you will leave the collar where you stand, you will leave and will not return. Am I clear?"

At the nod of his head, the other swept away into another room. He looked at the collar in his hands. It was thick. Imposing. Permanent.

"I do not want this," he was screaming in his head. "I do not want this!"

He told himself to leave, to drop the collar, to walk through the door to freedom. He could not give himself to the other, he could not. But even as his mind made the decision to leave, his traitorous knees began to sink to the floor. In that slow movement, he realized that he would not—that he could not leave. Silent tears streamed down his face as he felt his knees hit the smooth stone floor. He watched as his arms rose to reach out, his tremulous hands still palm up, the collar nestled in them and offered as a gift. He let out a small cry that had lodged in his throat. He knelt there, terrified of what he was doing but powerless to stop. He wanted this, oh how he wanted this. But he didn't want this. He was scared of this, so absolutely terrified of this.

At that moment, the other returned. He regarded the kneeling figure with unbridled lust, his glittering eyes sweeping over the flushed, smooth skin.

As he knelt and held the gaze of the other, he resisted the urge to look away from the possessive stare.

Wordlessly, the other plucked the collar from his hands and he allowed his arms to drop to his side. His breath was becoming more rapid, fine perspiration had become rivulets of sweat. The other moved behind him, collar still in hand. He felt the other kneel down and felt the knees of the other straddle his own. He waited. The anticipation was terrifying. Suddenly, he felt, rather than saw the collar. At the first touch of the collar to his bare neck, he began hyperventilating and flinched violently. He lurched forward and was stopped from falling only by the other's swift arm snaking around his middle.

The remaining hand holding the collar stilled and returned behind him. The other's arm removed itself from his middle and touched his shoulder, squeezing in comfort.

Familiar scents of cloves and bitter orange wafted through the air as the other leaned in and whispered lovingly in his ear "Harry, you need to calm down, Love."

The gentle words calmed him.

"That's right," the other said, "Nice and easy. Take deep breaths, Harry. Do you remember your word?"

Harry nodded violently.

"Good, Love, good. Do you need to use it?"

"I want–" began Harry, but the other interrupted.

"No, Love, no. Remember, you use the word only if you need it. Do you need to say it?"

"No," croaked out Harry echoed by a whispered "no" in reaffirmation.

The hand on Harry's shoulder dropped to his hip and began making lazy circles there, causing Harry to shudder as licks of delight teased his insides. Contented for the moment Harry sighed.

Taking his cue, the other murmured "Are you ready to start again?"

"Yes," said Harry softly, eyes closed and savoring the comfortable and familiar sounds and smells.

The hand on his hip stilled and left. The collar returned to Harry's throat once more. Harry's breathing became more rapid, but he controlled it.

"Shh Love, don't think about it." The other's voice instructed. "That's right, just give in. I promise you won't regret this," the other said as the end of the collar was threaded through the buckle.

"That's it, relax. Shhh…. Doesn't it feel so good?" the other asked in soothing tones as he continued to pull the collar tighter against Harry's soft flesh.

As the pressure increased, Harry suddenly wanted to stop. He snapped his eyes open and looked around wildly as called out frantically "No, no, no, nooo!" and shook his head from side to side, attempting to scramble away from the collar.

The other ignored him and continued to pull the collar as tight as he dared. He buckled it firmly in place and said "Shh, Love… it's okay. See? All done. Doesn't it feel wonderful? All done. Nothing to be frightened of."

As Harry's breath began to even out again, and as his eyes fluttered closed, the other continued.

"See? That's right… Enjoy it… Can't change it now…. Can't take it off now … You belong to me now."

Harry moaned and arched his back as he heard the last of the other's hypnotic words.

"That's right. It feels good … So good… Doesn't it? You have given me such a beautiful gift. Enjoy it, Love … enjoy it."

With that, the other moved away and watched as Harry fell bonelessly onto his back.

Harry writhed on the floor, assaulted by these new sensations. The smell of the leather filled his senses. The unyielding weight of the collar pressed against him in an oddly and possessively erotic way. And, Severus was right. It did feel so good. The collar had not trapped him, as he had feared for so long. Instead, it comforted him. It marked him. It showed the world that he had given himself, completely, to Severus and that Severus had accepted him and the responsibility for him. He belonged to Severus. He was free. And, he knew, as though he had never known it before, that Severus would cherish him—he would not abuse him or this trust so freely and completely given. These thoughts of love and comfort intertwined with the erotic feel of his marks of restraint. A wave of heat overtook him and his cock raised its proud head accordingly. Harry was now achingly hard.

"So beautiful," Harry heard. He opened his eyes and gazed at his husband, his lover, of five years. The rest of the world fell away in that moment. The only things that existed in that moment were Harry and Severus.

Severus looked down at his beautiful husband, exquisitely marked and adorned as his. They had tried fulfilling this particular fantasy on a number of occasions, but had never been able to get past the collar. At first, Severus thought it had something to do with Harry's neck—he thought perhaps that Harry was afraid the collar would choke him. He realized later, though, that the problem was what the collar represented to Harry. Harry was terrified of willingly giving himself and his trust freely and completely to another. What was worse was that Severus knew that Harry craved it, longed to do it, but simply could not. After all of the abuse and tragedy he had suffered, it was no wonder, but Severus knew that it was time to push past this particular boundary. He knew, even if Harry didn't, that Harry was ready for this. Harry wanted this. Harry needed this.

Still, though, he had taken great care, taking them out of the scene and sweetly, gently nudging Harry past his fear, nudging him to greater intimacy, nudging him closer to his own emotional power. The evidence of the Severus's successful push lay in the writhing debauched body on the floor. As Harry's erotic heat permeated Severus's senses, he realized that it was time to get back into character.

"You belong to me now," Severus said in his most commanding voice.

Harry's writhing stopped, his breath hitched at the sound of Severus's command.

Severus stalked in slow, deliberate circles round and round Harry's prone body. "Open your eyes!" he snapped.

Harry complied immediately.

"When I am inspecting you, my property, you will be painfully, achingly aware of my assessment. Have I made myself clear?"

Harry nodded vigorously. At Severus's arched brow, Harry hastily added "Yes. Yes, Sir."

Severus chose his next words carefully—it was time to find out if Harry was back into the scene and enjoying himself.

"That's a good little slut."

Harry moaned. Yes, Severus determined, Harry was back and ready to play.

"What's that? Do you like being called a slut? Because that's what you are. A little slut who needs me to take a firm hand so you don't accidentally fall into someone else's hands. That's why you're marked. So that everyone will know that you belong to me."

During the humiliation, Harry's eyes fluttered closed. His moaning, and writhing and mewing become louder, more pronounced, more wanton.

"I know what you need, don't I slut?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Tell me, slut, what do you need?"

"I… I…."

"Tell me!"

"I, I need you in me. Please, Sir, take me—claim me—make me yours."

"Is that what you need, slut? A reminder of to whom you belong?"

"Yessssss," hissed Harry as he wriggled his body in the direction of Severus's honeyed voice.

"Very well. Have you prepared yourself, slut?"

"Yes, Sir."

"I do hope you were thorough," said Severus as he parted his robes and knelt down in between Harry's legs. He was as hard as Harry and knew that it would take every ounce of self-control he possessed to last longer than a few seconds. But, he would last, because this was for Harry. This was not for him.

Severus entered Harry in one swift thrust. Harry screamed and scratched his fingers along the dungeon floor as the initial sharp sting of pain blossomed into deep, hot undulating pleasure.

When Severus didn't start moving right away, Harry indicated that he was ready. Still, Severus did not move. Frustrated, Harry started mewing and wriggling beneath him in an effort to spur movement.

With a sharp slap to the side of Harry's hip, Severus commanded "Stop moving, slut! Look at me and pay attention."

When he was sure he had Harry's undivided attention, Severus continued "As you said, you need to be reminded of to whom you belong. Every time I thrust into you, I will remind you by saying 'You are mine.' You will remind yourself by saying 'I am yours.' If you fail to follow these directions, I will stop. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good, let's see how well you can follow directions."

With that, Severus began to move inside of Harry in earnest. Starting slowly, a chorus of "You are mine" and "I am yours" greeted him at every thrust. He began to move faster. Harry was beginning to have difficulty keeping up. He found himself getting lost in the pleasure as Severus's thrusts became deeper, faster, harder, sweeter. He lost focus as Severus relentlessly pounded into him, as the weight of the heavy collar at his throat reminded him of his status, as the smell of bitter orange, leather and sex intoxicated him.

Harry began to falter. "I… I…." was all he could manage.

"Focus, slut, or I will stop."

"I …"


"I …"


" …yours."


Harry was so close, so close. Just a few more thrusts and he was sure he would come untouched. So focused on his pleasure, was he, that he didn't feel Severus slide out completely.

"No!" Harry cried. "Please! No!"

"I told you what would happen if you couldn't follow my simple directions. You have no discipline. It's a good thing you're marked as mine—otherwise I couldn't trust you out of these rooms."

"No, please, PLEASE. I can do it, please, let me try again. Please." Harry pleaded.

"You'll get another chance to prove yourself. But right now, I think a little punishment is in order."

Harry's breath caught in his throat.

"You will stay where you are, on your back, legs spread wide and bent at the knee. You are not permitted to touch yourself, in fact, spread your arms straight out, hands facing palm down. Yes, just like that. Maybe you can follow directions after all. Until I return, you will practice. You will picture me moving in and out of you and you will say, out loud, 'I am yours,' followed by 'I belong to you,' with every thrust. I will know if you disobey me."

Harry nodded, his eyes shut tight already imagining Severus's beautiful cock filling him and sliding in and out, in and out, "I am yours," he said. "I belong to you," he continued.

When Severus returned thirty minutes later, Harry was drenched in perspiration, his eyes shut tight, his head moving from side to side feverishly, his hands clenching and unclenching, his cock standing proud and dribbling precum as it jerked now and then. Harry was murmuring "I am yours" and "I belong to you" at a frantic pace. Over and over and over again. Just as he had been instructed.

Harry was so lost in subspace that he never heard Severus return, didn't hear the rustle of his robes as he parted them and knelt in between Harry's legs, and didn't feel the return of his husband's weight until he was fully sheathed inside of him.

"I am yours … I belong to you … I—Oh God, Oh GOD, OH GOD, —AM YOURS!" Harry cried as Severus entered him for the second time that night.

Remaining still, Severus waited for Harry to join him. Harry stilled and opened his eyes, blinking at Severus in anticipation.

"Now then, let's see how much you've learned."

With that, they began again. Harry's tremulous tenor voice and Severus's deep baritone punctuated Severus's slow thrusts.

They began moving faster. Harry stayed focused. Staring into Severus's eyes, he continued his mantra, his voice meeting Severus at every thrust.

Faster, harder, faster still. Severus could not control himself any longer and rammed hard into Harry one last time. As he came, filling Harry completely, he screamed "YOU ARE MINE!" at the same time Harry screamed "I AM YOURS!"

Panting from the aftershocks of a blinding orgasm, he pulled out of Harry, leaned over and swallowed Harry from head to root in one go.

Harry gave a strangled cry of surprise before he was enveloped in white hot oblivion and came hard, screaming Severus's name, followed closely by the words "I am yours" tumbling out over and over again until Harry was panting from exhaustion.

They lay there together, in the afterglow, both still coming down from the most incredible sex they had ever had. When they had both recovered some, Severus sat up, said a few quick cleansing spells, and helped Harry sit up. Harry was far from lucid and flopped into Severus's arms. Severus removed Harry's restraints, saving the collar for last. When done, he carefully pulled Harry into his lap, embracing him protectively, as Harry trembled and lay against Severus's chest.

"How do you feel?"

Bewildered and not quite able to grasp his own thoughts, Harry opened his mouth to respond, and then closed it again. He shook his head and took a shuddering breath. Severus watched as the complete spectrum of emotions flitted across Harry's face. When Harry opened his mouth to try and speak, great racking sobs rushed out instead. Severus pulled him closer, rocking him gently to and fro. He had expected something like this. The scene was incredibly intense and extremely difficult for Harry, who had been pushed to the edge of his limits. Making it more difficult still for Harry was the fact that he typically controlled what happened in the bedroom. Even as a bottom, he had always topped.

What had started out as an idle fantasy had obviously awakened deep-seeded feelings in Harry of which he had previously been unaware. As he sobbed in Severus's arms, Severus comforted Harry with soothing words and soft, feathery kisses.

"Shh, Love. That's right, let it go. You are so beautiful. You did so well. That's it, let it go."

A few minutes later, Harry pulled himself together and looked up at Severus with so much love and trust in his eyes that it took Severus's breath away. Tears pricked at the corners of his eyes. Harry had given him something that he had never given anyone—his complete and total trust. Severus swore silently to himself that he would protect that gift forever, no matter the cost.

He squeezed Harry lightly and said again "You did so well. I am so proud of you."

Harry, still incapable of speech, grunted in affirmance and let his full body weight rest against Severus. Gathering Harry in his arms and standing, Severus said "Come Love, it's time for your reward."

At Harry's questioning stare, Severus chuckled and said "Yes, that was fun too, but now its time for me to show you just how much I love you."

He glided into the bathroom and, with a quick wave of one hand, started filling the sunken tub with warm water infused with fragrant oils. Severus sat Harry on the side of the tub and quickly undressed. When the tub was full, he carefully lowered Harry into the water and then slipped in behind him. Pulled close to Severus, Harry let his head rest against his husband's chest.

"That was … intense," Harry whispered.

"Shh, Love. Not a word. It's my turn to show you how much I love you, remember?"

Harry nodded and allowed Severus to take control once again. Severus gently washed Harry's body with a soft caressing touch. When the bath was finished, he carefully pulled Harry out and dried him with a soft, thick towel. Grasping one of Harry's hands in his, he led him to the bed and maneuvered him onto his stomach. He anointed him with oil by massaging it into his tender flesh, rolled him over and repeated the process. With that done, he made sure that Harry was still prepared, covered his cock with lubricant and slowly, gently entered Harry. With each lazy thrust, he gazed into Harry's eyes and said softly "I love you, I love you, I love you."

His hands still coated in oil, Severus lovingly stroked Harry. Their climaxes were like gentle kisses rather than the crashing waves of before. Rather than screams, they both moaned and indicated the end with contented sighs.

They stayed coupled for a while, just staring into each other's eyes. As Harry's eyes began to droop, Severus pulled out, muttered a few cleansing spells and rolled onto his side, spooning Harry. He pulled the covers over them and watched as Harry fell into a light slumber. Severus stared at Harry and wondered again why and how such an exquisite creature had chosen him, had marked him as his Love, his own. Harry had claimed him. He belonged to Harry.

As Harry drifted off to sleep, Severus carded one hand through Harry's soft hair, while the other snaked around his middle, pulling him closer as he whispered in Harry's ear "I belong to you. I am yours. I am yours. I am yours."

The last thing Severus heard before drifting off to sleep was Harry's sleep thick voice whispering softly, "You are mine."



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