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Sadly, Sansa no longer writes in the Harry Potter fandom.
However, she does write original fiction under the name Libby Drew.
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Sansa's Harry/Draco Stories

The Adventure of the Gleaming Greenhouse
Scorpius' deepest wish as a boy was to be Sherlock Holmes.
1,766 words

A Frayed and Threadbare Wish
Today's victory lies in the future.
Harry and Draco's mission to find the Malfoy Legacy leads them to places – and people – they never thought they'd see.
Canon compliant through Half-Blood Prince.
Written before Deathly Hallows.
17,500 words

A Mile In His Shoes
Written for The Two Broomsticks Fic Challenge.
It's ten years after the war and a chance meeting on a small island change Harry and Draco from who they've become
into who they want to be.
25,000 words

Draco the Magic Dragon
Come to the fair!
Draco's granting wishes, Harry's investigating a mystery, and Luna's giving away pants.
Crystal balls and kissing, dirty talk and candy floss – and that's just the beginning.
12,920 words

Ghost Story
Sirius has all the answers.
3,400 words

Lamp in the Cooling Room
Draco and Harry become snared in a trap, but they're not alone.
Love guides our path for reasons we can't always understand.
9,000 words

Love Fool
The Weasleys' Valentine's Day prank backfires. Lucky for Harry and Draco.
700 words

On The Last Day of Our World
During a detention, Harry and Draco get locked in a strange room together overnight.
When they escape the next morning, they discover they are alone.
Love, angst and adventure abound as they struggle to survive in an empty world.
85,000 words in eighteen chapters

Playing House
Harry is supposed to be safe with Snape.
Things don't always go according to plan.
7,400 words

The Perfection Principal
Draco's holiday is all about self-acceptance.
And perfection. And nudity. And Potter.
7,884 words

The Thread Measurer's Apprentice
A mysterious letter saves Scorpius' life.
When Draco discovers who sent the warning, a most unusual partnership is born.
7,884 words

What Learned In Flight
Draco has flown away from the world, but Harry has something to tell him.
4,000 words

Sansa's Harry/Severus Stories

A Scientific Approach
Harry's shopping for a new wand. Severus lends a hand (Yes, it means what you think it does.)
Shameless smut, no plot, but so much fun to write.
Written for The Two Broomsticks "Opening Line" Challenge – "Is it supposed to be that small?"
2,600 words

A Time to Change
Harry wishes he was never the Boy-Who-Lived and his wish is granted.
Now he has to bear the consequences, namely sacrificing everything he has gained in order to save his world.
He finds love along the way, but will it be snatched away from him just like everything else?
Warning: Under 18. Sexual situations.
78,000 words

A Year and a Day
Injured in the final battle, Severus's memory of the past year is erased.
It doesn't take him long to realize that in that time he both gained and lost something very precious.
Written for the "Famous Last Words" challenge on HP Fandom.net
Warning: Under 18. Sexual Situations
7,600 words

Circumstances Most Uncommon
Homeopathic healer, Severus Snape, lives an ordered life.
That is, until a young man named Harry Potter comes to his shop looking for a cure for his visions.
13,300 words in three chapters

Cost of Living
The world moves on. Snape and Harry linger.
Written for the 2007 Snarry Games on LiveJournal.
8,000 words

How I Spent My Summer At Hogwarts
There's a reason why none of the students stay the summer at Hogwarts – and it's not because Dumbledore has to reset the wards!
2,800 words

Severus visits Knockturn Alley. Someone is watching.
Warning: Under 18.
9,300 words

Life In Kind
Harry believes Snape deserves to be immortalised.
As usual, he rushes in where angels fear to tread.
10,487 words

Mute Appeal
Harry's lost an important ability. He can't speak. But Snape can.
Warning: Under 18.
3,100 words

Somewhere Behind the Morning
Postwar fic. Harry is called in to evaluate Snape's erratic behavior. But not all is as it seems.
Ignores the end of HBP – you know the part I'm talking about.
Written for the 2006 Snarry Games on LiveJournal – Team Romance.
12,400 words

Harry's still determined to save the world.
Snape's determined to accept it as it is.
11,200 words

The Pain of a Promise
Harry's keeping a terrible secret, and it's up to Severus to save him.
Can their budding relationship withstand the fallout?
Warning: Under 18. Implied Non-Con
6,700 words

Wish List
Short one-shot written for my anonymous Secret Santa.
It's Christmas and Harry's back to ask Severus the same question he does every year.
1,400 words

Sansa's 3Some Stories

Good Life Becoming
R - NC-17
What does it take to turn animosity into something else? Harry,
Severus and Draco form a binding friendship that evolves into much more.
The events that bring them together also threaten to tear them apart.
53,000 words in eleven chapters

House of Cards
R - NC-17
"An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it."
Harry's plan to defeat Voldemort is becoming dangerously unstable.
Is he strong enough to see it through?
Warning: Under 18.
6,100 words

Sansa's Other Pairings Stories

Betrayal Can Only Happen If You Love
Four years after Harry Potter defeats Voldemort, Draco Malfoy, the son of the new Dark Lord,
is cast out from the Death Eaters and branded a traitor.
When an unlikely group rescues him, he discovers some important things about himself
and must decide where his heart and loyalty lie.
Will he help his father resurrect Lord Voldemort or will he turn to the Light?
86,000 words in ten chapters

Blue Oblivion
Scorpius grieves for Albus. But is he truly gone?
14,500 words

Everything Unsaid
Teddy wants Scorpius, Scorpius wants Albus, and Albus wants to play poker.
Harry plays matchmaker, Hugo plays peacekeeper, and the nutcracker keeps score.
All in all, it hasn't been a very good year.
6,700 words

Honey, I'm Home
Harry discovers something about himself. He's gay.
3,200 words

Man's Dwelling Place
Scorpius is the lone survivor of a tragedy that cost him his family, his identity, and his past.
Albus shows him a possible future for them both.
15,250 words

Sansa's Nursery aka the Drabbles/Ficlets Page


Collaboration of Siren and Sansa's works.

The Board Game Series
A universe in which Severus teaches Potions,
Harry teaches Muggle Studies,
and they both learn what it means to be together.
Mostly short, fun fics.

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