Love Fool

Fred and George sped around the corner and collided full speed with exactly who they were looking for.

"Harry!" George yelled as he picked himself up and dusted off his robes. "Just who we were looking for!"

"Lucky me," Harry replied tonelessly as he too gingerly pulled himself to his feet.

"That's right – lucky you," Fred cut in. "Wanna guess what we just heard?"

"No." Harry brushed past and kept walking.

"Aw, come on Harry," George said as he and Fred trailed after him. "It'll make your day."

"I doubt that."

"What if we said we overheard that a certain blond Slytherin that you've been lusting after is head over heels in love with you?"

"I'd say I'm not falling for your April Fool's prank."

Fred stopped and cocked his head. "What's April Fool's?"

Harry finally stopped, exasperated. "You know – that Muggle tradition of playing practical jokes on people on the first day of April. I find it inconceivable that you two have never heard of it."

George's jaw dropped. "You mean, there's a whole day put aside for that? That's genius! Fred! Did you hear that?"

Fred was rubbing his hands together in glee. "That I did, George, that I did. Shame it's too late this year to cause too much trouble." The two brothers shared a laugh while Harry looked on suspiciously.

"You've really never heard of it?"

"We have now. Thanks, Harry! But, back to the matter at hand – are you going to finally confess your feelings to the Ferret now that you know he feels the same?"

Harry sighed and started walking again, the twins trailing annoyingly behind.


"What!" Fred exclaimed.

"Harry, you have to," George added. "You've been in love with him forever!"

"I don't trust anything you guys tell me and that's the bottom line."

Harry stomped up to the entrance of The Three Broomsticks and started to pull the door open. George slammed it closed with his shoulder.

"Fine, Harry. Be miserable. We only wanted to see you truly happy. Haven't you suffered enough? Why not take a chance?" With that, George stepped away from the door and he and Fred slipped inside, leaving Harry standing alone, brow furrowed in thought.

Why not? Because at least now he had wispy dreams and hopes to carry him through. At least now, he could dream that the man Draco had become, the one who had in essence chosen Harry over his own father in the war, may someday be more to him than an enemy turned casual acquaintance. And if dreams about being with Draco were all he ever had, at least he could always make them sweet.

Harry put his hand on the door again.


But what if it were true? Harry's hand slipped from the handle and he bit his lip as he agonized. Was it worth the risk? Harry frowned over his indecision. Where's my famous Gryffindor courage? he thought sadly.

Resolving to confront Draco the moment he saw him, Harry entered the small pub.

And ran right into the object of his fantasies.

At least this time I didn't land on the ground, he thought, as he reached down to help Draco off the floor.

"Sorry, Malfoy," he mumbled. He looked up to see Draco staring at him.

Now or never.

"Draco…I…that is, did you…I mean…I want…"

Draco huffed indignantly as he straightened his robe. "Out with it, Potter. I'm in a hurry."

Out with it, indeed. "Fine," Harry sighed. "Draco, I think…I might be in love with you."

Draco's hands stilled and the rest of the room went from rowdy to tomb-like in two seconds.

Suddenly, from the back, Fred and George jumped from their chairs. "April Fool's! "Gods, Harry! I can't believe you fell for it!" George yelled as he and Fred shook with laughter. The rest of the room soon joined in.

All except Draco. He was looking at Harry with wide eyes.

Harry felt his heart plummet into his stomach. "I…I'm sorry." He tried to turn and rush out but Draco's hand caught his sleeve and spun him back around.

"What took you so long, Potter?" he whispered.

Then he kissed him.



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