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Better Than a Kitten
Sequel to "Imperfections of the Flesh" It is not necessary to read that one first, but it may make this story easier to follow.
3,887 words

What does the future hold for a savior who has fallen from grace? SS/HP
Warnings for Adult Language, Chan, Sexual Situations, Violence.
54,950 words

Charcoal Lines
Someone finds sketches of Lucius in Harry's schoolbag. LM/HP
Warnings for Pre-slash
2,432 words

In the end, it was a photograph that started it all. Who ever would have thought that such a small thing could come to mean so much? LM/HP
Warnings for Pre-slash
16,908 words

Falling Down Under Pale Moonlight
Severus and Harry's first "Muggle" Christmas doesn't go exactly as planned. SS/HP
Warnings for Out of Character
6,109 words

Family Trees
Lucius is escorting his grandchild onto Platform 9-3/4, when he spots Harry with two children. They're clearly twins… and they're also clearly Malfoys. LM/HP DM/HP SS/HP
Warnings for violence, non-con and mpreg. 12,102 words

His Mother's Eyes
When Arabella Figg defies Albus Dumbledore, Severus takes his chance at redemption. SS/OC
Warnings for child abuse
16,000 words

Imperfections of the Flesh
Harry thinks about scars, emotional and physical, and how they've shaped his life. SS/HP
Warning for Violence
5,206 words

Just Tie a Knot
Captured by Death Eaters, Harry escapes with the assistance of an enemy. Impregnated during his confinement and afraid of the expected response, he runs from the Wizarding World. Everyone is looking for him. BW/HP, LM/HP, LV/HP, others implied.
Warnings for Violence, Sexual Situations, MPREG and NonCon
19,183 words

The Oiran
When the Dark Lord orders his favored Potion Master to investigate some puzzling medical data collected by the Ministry, Severus Snape is thrust into an underground world full of halfbloods and Muggleborns trying to survive in a Wizarding world controlled by blood prejudice. There, he meets the green-eyed entertainer called The Phoenix, and a larger plot of potions injustice and Ministry apathy unfolds. HP/SS, others
Warnings for Violence, Sexual Situations,MPREG and NonCon
33,300 words

The Perfect Wife
In the 1800's, a schoolteacher is forced into an arranged marriage by an overbearing uncle. SS/HP
Warnings for AU (no magic) and Angst
12,325 words

After the defeat of the Light, Lord Voldemort gives an injured Harry Potter to Lucius Malfoy as a pet. LM/HP
Warnings for MPreg, Slavery, Non Con and Angst
48,544 words

The Price of Infatuation
What if Severus was the one who bought the Firebolt, not Sirius? SS/HP
Warnings for Dubious Consent and Angst
13,370 words

Salt in the Wound
Originally part of The History Challenge - Wave XI - From Dusk to Dawn Fuh-Q-Fest. Alternate reality - No Magic. The War of 1812 - Men at Sea. HP/SS
Warnings for Dubious Consent and Angst
16,098 words


All The Pretty Horses
An Alcoholic Beverage, A Creaky Old House, Singing. HP/SS
499 Words

Balancing a Tripod
Three-Legged Cat, Balcony, Reclining
489 Words

Much to Discuss
A happier drabble in the same universe as "Warmth" freaturing the word "infidelity".LM/HP
511 words

In keeping with the season, a Dictionary Drabble for the word "tourniquet". Definately AU. LM/HP
499 words

A chilling little drabble featuring Harry, Lucius, and the word consolidate. LM/HP
533 words