"Stop being so petulant," Harry said as he nervously rearranged the snacks on the table. He really wanted this to go well tonight. It was always dicey mixing the company of friends and lovers. Especially when your lover was Severus Snape and one of your best friends was Hermione Granger-Weasley. He sighed as his gaze traveled to the corner of the room where Severus stood with his arms crossed making him look vaguely like a very tall bat.

"Why can't we? It's just a game."

"That is precisely why we can't, Severus. It's just a bloody game. I'm not going to cheat."

"Is it really cheating? Really? From the way you've described the game, in order to succeed there must be a certain level of trust between the partners, a certain understanding of how your partner's mind works, a certain wordless communication. What is that if not Legilimency? I don't see why we can't use it to enhance the game."

Harry glared at Severus. "And you criticize my logic," he said flatly.

Severus remained silent.

Harry returned to organizing the snacks.

"Why must we do this?" Severus asked for the fifth time that evening.

Harry groaned. They'd been having the same argument for a week now—it had started just after Harry had asked if he'd be willing to explore "group" games. Severus, of course, had interpreted Harry's question as a request for something rather kinky. He'd become quite upset when Harry had informed him that he was referring to board games—the kind that required more than two players and/or teams of players. Severus had been petulant ever since and Harry was tired of it.

"Must you be so dramatic? Honestly! It's just a game! You'd think I was asking you to march to your death or something."

"Well you are requiring me to spend the evening in the company of Ronald and Hermione Weasley and there appears to be no chance for anything saucy or seductive. That was the only good part of these Muggle games. Now, you won't even let me use my natural gifts to make it more interesting."

"You mean make the game go faster. And if you really are put out about the lack of sauciness in tonight's activities, we could always ask Ron and Hermione if they'd like a go," Harry asked with an arched brow. He laughed at Severus's ashen face and shudder.

"You've scarred me for life, Professor Potter. In fact, I simply cannot go forward with tonight's activities. I am afraid you'll have to make do without me."

"Oh come on, Severus. This will be fun. You know, they say that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he plays a game."

"Really? Well what would our game playing thus far suggest?"

"That we're depraved sex fiends?"

"I prefer the terms open-minded and youthful."

Harry snorted. "You would," he muttered under his breath.

Severus moved quickly and enveloped an unsuspecting Harry from behind. "You didn't seem to mind my rather youthful vigor the other night," he whispered teasingly in Harry's ear. "Shall I spell it out for you? Again? Let's lock the door and pretend we aren't home. I'll even play that little crossword game with you again. Think of the possibilities, Harry."

Oh, and Harry did. As Severus rubbed against him suggestively, Harry's mind envisioned the click, click, click of little letter tiles spelling out all of the naughty, naughty things he and Severus could do and had done. Harry shuddered as his eyes rolled back in bliss. The butterflies were definitely back. Just as things were getting deliciously out of hand, Severus moved away, a smirk firmly planted on his face.

"Gah!" Harry cried out inarticulately as he tipped forward slightly at the loss of Severus's very warm, very firm body. "You really play dirty, you know that?" he said, panting, as he tried to remove the flush from his cheeks and the bulge in his pants.

Severus smiled a predator's smile. "I thought that was a given, Harry."

Harry was about to comment when a knock was heard at the door.

"Ah, that would be our guests, I believe. Why don't I make myself useful seeing as how you've got some last minute things to take care of," said Severus cheekily as he looked Harry up and down.

Harry pursed his lips and exhaled sharply through his nose while trying to make certain adjustments. It was several minutes before he was able to join Severus and his friends.

After awkward greetings, strained social niceties, and far too many explanations of the game's rules to the hopelessly bewildered Ron, the game began in earnest. Ron and Hermione were playing against Harry and Severus.

Surprisingly, the game was going very well. Severus was clearly on his best behaviour and had even managed to be polite to their guests, affectionate with Harry and attentive to the game. Harry was impressed. This would call for a reward later.

The teams were in a dead heat going in the final All Play. Harry and Hermione were set to draw. Hermione read the card silently before passing it to Harry. He looked it over. This was going to be a hard one. The word was "Anaconda."

Ron tipped over the small plastic hourglass and both Harry and Hermione began scribbling furiously. Knowing that Anacondas were typically thought of as the biggest snakes in the world, Harry drew a tiny globe and a very large snake with little black ovals on its back. Surely that would give it away.

Apparently it didn't. As Ron was blurting out things like "scarf!" "Noodles! Chinese noodles!" Severus said things like "Asphodel stems," "twine," and "what the bloody hell is that!?!"

Time was almost out.

Harry couldn't believe that Severus wasn't getting this. The snake was clearly drawn. Then, he heard Ron blurt "Snake!" He saw Severus's eyes cut to Ron and quickly return to Harry's drawing where he was poking his pencil so hard at the snake he was tearing the paper. Comprehension dawned in Severus's eyes and he started screaming out every snake he could think of. While Severus called out "Basilisk," and "Egyptian Pit Vipers," Harry poked feverishly at his little globe where he'd drawn in South America, pleading with Severus to understand.

Apparently, unbeknownst to Harry and unnoticed by Hermione and Ron, Harry, frustrated beyond measure, had begun hissing in Parseltongue as he drew thick lines between the snake and South America. Severus felt every ounce of blood in his body rush to his suddenly straining cock at the sound. Unexpected pleasure rolled through him as he was struck dumb at the whispered hissing.

As the last few grains of sand ran out, Ron screamed "Anaconda!" Harry looked up in disbelief. Hermione smiled with evil triumphant glee. The Granger-Weasleys had won.

Harry glanced warily at Severus, wondering why he'd stopped trying to guess, before complimenting Hermione and Ron on a game well played. Gracious in victory, both Hermione and Ron pooh-poohed their success revealing that they'd seen a Muggle movie a few months ago coincidentally entitled "Anaconda." Hermione's drawing of a filmstrip had given Ron the clue he needed. From there, the conversation quickly devolved into a rather academic discussion about snakes in general. Harry, Ron and Hermione chatted for a few minutes longer, but the conversation became more strained as they noticed Severus's rather smouldering glare. Trading a knowing glance, Hermione and Ron quickly excused themselves for the night.

As Harry closed the door and started to turn, he suddenly found his back against the wall, Severus flush against him, his hands poised on either side of Harry's head.

"What," Harry began, but he was immediately cut off by a rather bruising kiss.

"A snake," Severus began, "a bloody snake." Another bruising kiss.

Harry was bewildered, but was enjoying the kisses.

"Listening to you talk about snakes, all I could picture was you writing against me, coiling those remarkable hands around me, twining those glorious legs around me as I fucked you through the mattress." Illustrating his point, Severus firmly bumped against Harry and rolled his hips.

Harry's breath hitched as his eyes closed. He shuddered as Severus's hips continued to roll and brush against him in a most sinful manner.

Severus smiled wolfishly as he continued to rock against Harry. He grabbed Harry's wrists and pinned them over his head with one hand. "It was torture, exquisite torture," Severus began again in between kisses and nips. "And that damn Parseltongue! You know what Parseltongue does to me, Harry. I think you did it on purpose. I didn't think it possible, but I've discovered a way to make this bloody boring game quite interesting. And, we're going to start right now."

With that, Severus pulled a writhing and thoroughly aroused Harry from the wall and dragged him to the table intent on having his way with him. Right there. Scribbles and scraps of paper be damned.

Harry had other ideas. Just as Severus made to swing him onto the table, Harry planted his feet, twisted, yanked and flipped Severus onto the table instead. Severus was so stunned, he was unable to defend himself from Harry's wandless binding charm, which left him pinioned to the table spread eagle. It was Harry's turn to smile wolfishly as Severus tugged at the bindings. "Professor Potter with the rope, indeed," he said with a small snort of amusement.

"What is the meaning of this, brat?" bellowed Severus, who was feeling far too vulnerable for his liking.

Harry's expression immediately softened. He walked over, gently cupped Severus's face and kissed his cheek. "You were such a good boy tonight. I just want to reward you. And, you don't have to do any of the work. Not really, anyway. Just relax and let me prove to you how well we wordlessly communicate. I promise you'll like. In fact, here's a little preview of just how much I think you'll like it." Harry reached up and let his fingers trail lightly down Severus's face, neck and torso as he glanced at the Slytherin crest hanging on the opposite wall and whispered in Parseltongue just exactly what he wanted to do to Severus.

Severus shivered and arched as the sibilant hiss of Harry's words washed over him. "You are going to kill me," he panted, his eyes hooded and glittering like hot coals.

"Only with pleasure, my love," Harry whispered before waving his hand and vanishing Severus's clothing. Severus's erection jerked involuntarily at the sudden freedom.

Harry walked in front of Severus and cast a complicated spell that created a projection screen simulation on the ceiling. "I figured out a way to play this game that you just might enjoy. As you recall, Severus, this game has five categories. Object, Difficult, Action, Person/Place/Thing and All Play. Now, since we don't have our other team here, we're going to have to modify the game a bit. Here's how it works, all you have to do is guess the category and what I'm drawing, and you get to have it. Make sense? Here are a few examples.

With a flourish, Harry started "drawing" with his wand. Severus watched as the outline of a Harry giving Severus a very enthusiastic blowjob was quickly sketched. Both Severus and his cock nodded appreciatively, while the former let lose a wanton moan desperately hoping that the drawing would become a reality.

"That was an Action, by the way," Harry said as he smirked.

Tugging again at his bindings, Severus rasped out "You play dirty."

A bemused smile crossed Harry's face as he said, "I thought that was a given, Severus." Harry waved his wand again and instantly the drawing cleared. Harry cocked his head to one side, his eyes bright with mirth and lust. "Want to see just how dirty I can play?" he asked as a new image made its way onto the page.

It took a moment, but Severus could clearly see that it was a picture of him tied to the table while Harry gave him the best rimming of his life. "Oh God," he moaned as he imagined just how indescribably magnificent that would feel.

While Severus writhed and made delightful little moans and choking sounds, Harry said breezily, "From a position standpoint, that would fall into the Difficult category, I think. Of course, I'm game if you are."

Severus twisted like a pinioned pretzel as images of Harry doing that down there while he was trussed to the table assaulted his mind. In the haze of sexual distraction, he heard Harry chuckle darkly.

"Keep watching, Severus."

The images started coming faster—pictures of cock rings, Severus fucking Harry in the shower, something that required one of them to be upside down—Severus was almost beside himself with lust and desire. When he thought he could stand no more, he heard a rustle of fabric and lifted his head to look up. A very naked and a very aroused Harry was crawling across the tabletop and making his way up Severus's body with feline grace.

When their cocks met and rubbed against each other in greeting, Harry planted his hands on either side of Severus's head, leaned down, licked his lips like a five-knut whore and whispered, "As for me, I say we start with the All Play."


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