"Severus, stop that, I'm still—"

Buzzz. Buzz.

"Severus stop! I don't have everything situated yet."

Buzz. Buzz. Buzzzzzzzzz.

"Damn it, Sev! Stop playing around! I'm going to take those away from you if you can't behave."

"What!? I'm behaving," Severus scoffed. "Your still sore about 'Professor Potter with the rope in the bedroom,' aren't you?"

Tired, Harry sighed. "You said you wanted to play, so let's play. But you've got to—"


"Get that out of there! You're doing it wrong, can't you tell? Honestly! Don't you know your way around the human anatomy yet?? Ow! That's not what those are bloody used for. If you can't play by the rules, then we won't play at all," Harry said, rubbing the site where a rather frustrated Severus had just viciously poked him.

"Who says I'm not? Besides, there is something wrong with this bloody game! It's not working properly."

Harry sighed again. "What do you mean? It's working fine." Harry plucked the "surgical tweezers" attached to the game board from Severus's hands. "Watch. See? The game works fine."

Severus watched as Harry deftly removed a "Charlie horse" from the "patient" without touching the metal sides, thus avoiding that horrible buzzing sound and accompanying jarring sensation. Apparently, they were playing a Muggle game called Operation. After Harry had explained how the game worked, Severus was sure he would best him in this game as well. After all, he was a Potions Master—a skilful hand was his trademark. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't pick up the little game pieces without making that horrible buzzing sound.

Had Severus not been so entranced by the tip of Harry's pink tongue darting between his teeth as he concentrated on his delicate task, he would have been more affronted that Harry could nimbly remove the tiny plastic horse and he couldn't. Instead, he settled for righteous indignation.

"I thought you said you hadn't played this before! Obviously, you lied. Doesn't that violate your Hippocratic Oath, Dr. Potter?" Severus sniffed indignantly.

Harry looked up incredulously, his eyes impossibly wide, his mouth forming a slack-jawed "O." Seconds later, his jaw clenched and his gaze narrowed. "I haven't played this game before, Severus. Honestly, is it so awful to think that I might be better at something than you?"

Severus sidestepped the question and sniffed again. "Beginners luck, then."

Harry cursed under his breath and snatched the tweezers back before going after the funnybone.

"What is that piece there? Just what kind of operation are you performing now?"

"I'm removing the funnybone," Harry said through clenched teeth.

"Funnybone?? Just what kind of game is this? I thought you said the object of these Muggle games is to teach children things? This game apparently teaches children about bones and ailments that simply do not exist! Honestly. I've never heard of a funnybone."

"No surprise there," Harry muttered under his breath as he carefully performed the operation.

"What was that?" Severus asked sharply.

Harry sighed for the third time and dropped the tweezers. "Nothing. Listen. Let's just call it a night, okay? I really don't want to argue with you over a Muggle game."

Severus watched Harry clamour to his knees and start packing away the game. He seemed rather forlorn to Severus, which meant he would be sleeping alone. That simply would not do. After all, he had certain expectations. After what had happened with "Professor Potter in the bedroom" after a very enlightening game of something called "Clue," Severus had envisioned all sorts of naughty games taking place after playing a game called "Operation." He was sure there was a way to both salvage his pride and their night. It came to him as Harry's nimble fingers finished packing the pretend Muggle money and the game cards. Severus's hands may not have been as adept as Harry's at retrieving tiny Muggle versions of "funnybones" and "Charlie horses," but they were perfectly suited for the operation he had planned. In one fluid moment, he stopped Harry from reaching for the game board and covered Harry's smaller hand with his.

Harry looked up in surprise. Severus was staring at him with a rather calculating expression. Harry gulped.

"Tell me, Harry, just what is the purpose of this game," Severus purred, a familiar gleam in his eye as his thumb rubbed languidly across the back of Harry's hand.

Harry's eyes fluttered closed for a second before they snapped open and gazed suspiciously at Severus. The "purr" was usually Severus's way of initiating little games of his own. A small shiver ran through him. "Well, it's supposed to teach fine motor skills and help develop hand–eye coordination. Why?" Harry asked carefully.

With no small amount of trepidation, Harry watched Severus slither up from the floor and slink behind him. His breath caught in his throat as Severus enveloped him, wrapped his arms around his middle and nibbled on his ear.

"You're quite good at this game with no distractions or pressure, I'll give you that. But, I wonder how well you'd fare in more demanding circumstances. Willing to give it a go? Willing to try the game my way?"

Harry swallowed hard and licked his lips. The teasing breath across his ear and the warm velvety sound of his lover's voice was driving him crazy already. Worse still were Severus's hands, his exquisite hands, which were kneading and stroking his chest and sides. Out of stupidity or daring or both, he nodded his head, as he rasped a squeaky "yes." He could almost feel Severus's sadistic smile.

"Tell me, Harry, which operation are you going to perform next? Hmm?" Severus purred while one hand rubbed small circles on Harry's stomach and his teeth nipped at Harry's ear. He smiled at Harry's shudder.

"Butterflies. In the stomach. Butterflies in the stomach," Harry choked out.

"Good choice," said Severus.

Harry took a deep breath to steady his trembling hand. As he started moving slowly to the patient's stomach, Severus started his own operation.

"Do you have butterflies in your stomach, Harry?" Severus murmured innocently as the hand making circles on his stomach deftly dipped lower. "Does this give you butterflies, hmm?"

Harry gasped and dropped the tweezers as Severus's hand flirted with his sudden and rather painful arousal. "That's not fair!" Harry bit out as he retrieved the tweezers to start again.

"Fair? Who said anything about fair? I certainly didn't. If you want to forfeit…."

"No! If I can defeat Voldemort, I can do this."

"We shall see, Harry. We shall see."

Almost immediately, Severus started whispering all manner of dirty things in Harry's ear in an effort to distract his lover. But, Harry focused his concentration on capturing and taming the little butterflies—both in the game and in real life.

Severus was becoming increasingly frustrated watching Harry pluck almost all of the little butterflies from the pretend stomach. He was close to finishing. Severus decided to step up his efforts by trailing little kisses down his neck. Harry's breath hitched and became more laboured, but he stayed steady on his task. Just as Harry was retrieving the last butterfly, Severus sucked hard on the side of his neck, with a fair amount of biting for emphasis, while both hands darted down again in a surprise attack, squeezing and rubbing insistently.


The little tweezers clattered on top of the patient as Harry surrendered and fell back into the embrace crying "Oh dear, sweet Merlin!"

Immediately, Severus stopped, withdrew his hands and moved away, watching with satisfaction as Harry began to tip backwards before catching himself.

"What the…. ?" was apparently all Harry could muster before falling back on his elbows.

Severus smiled appreciatively at the sight before him. Harry was breathing hard, his hair was sticking up in every direction, his eyes were over bright and dilated and his skin was beautifully rosy. He moved over to Harry and pushed him so that he flopped onto his back. Gently pushing the game out of the way, he leaned over his very real, very live patient.

"Why Harry, you're all flushed. And sweaty," Severus said with mock concern as he ran his hands up and down Harry's body.

Harry could only "Eep," in return, his coy little tongue darting out again to moisten his lips.

"I think you need to see the doctor," Severus said solemnly before a predatory grin spread across his face. "Lucky for you, the doctor is in."


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