Creative Righting

In the heart of darkness is where you found me.
Scared and wandering alone.
Lost and battered from self-flagellation.
Longing for love and affection.
Pretending to be fine on my own.
Then the darkness was pierced by a presence.
Into my fortress of shadows you strode.
Girded for battle with grim determination.
Could you banish the demons living deep in my soul?
Like a beacon the beams from your love shine.
The walls of my fortress lie in ruins.
Destroyed by the demons hasty flight.
A hand gently caresses my body.
Your touch is a magic elixir.
Kisses melt ice from my heart.
Tears flow from eyes as you hold me.
In your arms is all I have been seeking.
I say good-bye forever to the darkness of night.
Your love is a fire that warms me.
The flames bath me in light.
Whether or not you know it.
You have banished all that is dark from my life.

No, no, no. Damn it, that was beyond horrifying. Severus crumpled the parchment up with a growl and tossed it across the room to land next to the others. The many others. Where it sat a full second before being scooped back up and smoothed back out on the desk.

Severus stared at the offending poem, lip curled, but it didn't get any less sweet. Or beautiful. There was no way he was giving it to Harry. What had possessed him to write such tender, truthful rubbish? "This is a momentous waste of my time," he griped.

"I bet Albus doesn't think so."

"Who cares?" Severus replied. Quickly, he stuffed the wrinkled parchment into the top drawer of his desk. "What are you doing here? Don't you have a class to teach?" he asked his lover.

Harry shrugged. "Cancelled. Albus thought you might need some…assistance…with your assignment."

"I need nothing from you."

"Really?" Disbelieving.

"Except the obvious. And unless you're prepared to offer that, get out."

Harry tipped his head back and laughed. Stepping into the room, he locked the door behind him. "All right."

No response but one arched eyebrow. And a burning heat in his crotch. But Harry didn't need to know that. "You are distracting me. Please leave."

"Please?" Harry stumbled backward, hand to his heart in shock. At a sound of disgust from his lover, he straightened and stalked across the room. And planted his beautiful ass right on the desk. Severus glared at him.

"I take back everything I ever said about you, Harry. You are evil to the core."

Harry smirked. Severus rolled his eyes. "Now get out so I can finish this inane task."

"Let me help you, Sev. I'm good at poetry."

"You're good at poetry. Please!" Severus snorted. "If you were good at poetry, you would use words like excel. I excel at poetry. You have no mastery of the language, Potter. Get. Out." Before I rip your robe off.

He had watched his lover dress this morning and knew he was naked underneath his teaching robes. Severus moaned as his cock perked up at the memory. "Brat."

Harry grinned and shifted. His legs splayed open, and his robe rode up. "Yes?"

"I wasn't addressing you, you twit. Get off my desk." Severus scowled, his anger and libido growing. Among other things.



"Undressing. Not addressing." Harry leaned back. "Undress me, love. It'll inspire you," he grinned.

"Not to write poetry," his lover growled. He shifted. The weight in his groin was growing.

Harry cocked his head. "Why not try it?"

"Attempt. Why not attempt it?" Severus replied. He began running a finger up and down over his bulging crotch. Merlin damn the boy!

"Attempt. Try. I don't care. Just do," Harry purred.

It was the purring that did it. Severus was on his feet in a second, chair banging against the wall where he had kicked it. He grabbed Harry by the legs and yanked him towards the edge of the desk. Harry's gasp of surprise and lust shot to his twitching member, and he attacked the boy with a feral growl.

He ripped the robe open with one yank, and shoved his lover back. He shook with need, arousal eating him from the inside out. Harry didn't move, just laid on the desk, arms and legs spread, his own erection straining toward his mate. "You're amazing," he panted.

Severus grabbed and pulled, and Harry slid forward across the desk until their cocks were nestled together. The cloth from Severus's trousers scratched deliciously against Harry, and his moans increased. Severus stifled them with his mouth. He thrust his tongue in and around, tasting Harry. Memorizing him.

He pulled back, letting Harry breathe, pulling and twisting his nipples as the impertinent boy gasped for air. He refused to wait. Didn't want to let the need build slowly as they usually let it. His ears rang with the pulsing, pounding desire to take, and so he did.

"Amazing?" he crooned. He thrust hard against his lover. Harry groaned.

"Astounding?" Another thrust.

"Breathtaking?" His legs trembled. He tried closing his eyes against the sight of Harry sprawled on his desk. Naked, aroused, begging under his breath. But it wasn't going to work. He could still hear him. Smell him. He made a token effort to slow his orgasm, knowing Harry wasn't as close. He had nearly succeeded when the boy grabbed his arms, thrusting back up against him.

"Yes! God damn it, yes! All of that. And extraordinary. Marvelous. Spectacular. Ohhhh…fuck, yes."

Severus abandoned control. Ripping open his own trousers, he freed his aching erection and pressed it against Harry's, grinding into his lover's heat and hardness. "Mine!" he ground out before he thrust once, twice, and then came with an inarticulate roar.

Harry cried out when he felt the hot splash on his stomach. "Severus!" he yelled as he arched off the desk, adding his own seed to his lover's.

Panting, Harry collapsed back to the desk. "Yours," he agreed. Then he grinned. "You excel at that."

Severus hooked his chair with a foot. Pulling Harry with him, he collapsed into it.

Harry mumbled something and snuggled in. Severus reached past him, opened the drawer and retrieved his poem. Harry cracked an eye when Severus rattled the paper in front of his face.

"For me?"

"Isn't everything I have?"

Harry smiled and accepted the parchment. He read it slowly. "It's beautiful."

"Thank you. Remind me again the purpose of this moronic creative writing exercise?"

"Albus thought it would be fun."

Severus made a sound between a sigh and a snort.

"Well, wasn't it?" Harry asked.

Severus smiled as he ran his fingers through his lover's hair. "I suppose you could say that," he replied.

Harry wriggled in his lap, burrowing closer. "Love you," he confessed. "Are you still mad at me?"

Severus frowned and thought about lying. "No," he said, and pulled Harry closer.

"I'll never use your lab notebook to take floo messages again, I promise."

"See that you don't."

Harry climbed off his lover's lap and straightened his clothes. Such as they were. "Go home and put some clothes on at once," Severus demanded.

"Where do you think I was headed?" He grabbed the parchment from the desk as he passed. "I can keep this, right?" Severus grimaced but didn't protest. Harry turned as he neared the door. "See you later?"


As soon as the door closed, Severus threw a handful of floo powder at the fire.

"Albus!" he bellowed. "I have completed your asinine request."

"Can you be a bit more specific, my boy?" Albus's head replied from the fireplace.

Severus rolled his eyes. "The creative writing assignment you demanded of the staff. The …love poem," he spat.

The blue eyes actually sparkled! Annoying, bothersome, interfering old ma….

"What poem, Severus?"


"I made no such request of you, my boy."

"This morning," Severus snarled. "Via owl post."

"I'm afraid not."

Severus eyes narrowed into slits. "Indeed."

Albus smiled brightly. "No. But I think it would be a marvelous…."

"Goodbye, Albus," Severus said, terminating the connection.

There's small revenge in words, but words may be greatly revenged.

Severus smiled and left to seek out his lover.


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